Celebrity Movie Treasures

An Exhibition of Personal Belongings, Movie Props and Costumes from the World of Showbiz

12th July - 19th October

An outstanding touring exhibition that allows you to glimpse into the lives of some of the 21st centuries most iconic stars, both on screen and off!

Celebrity Movie Treasures brings together a plethora of movie, television and music memorabilia, normally kept locked away from public view, the immediately recognisable items will be on show for all to see

Remember that fabulous wedding dress Becky Granger wore on TV's Coronation Street? How about the coat worn in the Hollywood cult movie: Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey? Now you have the chance to see these and even more amazing artefacts.

Star attraction in the exhibition has to be Marilyn Monroe's Little Black Dress. Who knows what glittering Hollywood events she would have worn this to?

There is also the spectacular God of Mischief costume from the hilarious movie Son of the Mask, and the earrings once owned by Elizabeth Taylor. While for Sci-Fi fans there is the electro-magnetic boots from the hugely successful film Face Off starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage.

Fans of the golden days of Hollywood can see Fred Astaire's shoes and Doris Day's exquisite rhinestone bracelet.

Younger filmgoers might prefer the Austin Powers props, including a flaming orange shirt and a groovy baby go-go hat.. But visitors of all ages will instantly recognise props from some of the most famous movies; from Titanic to The Flintstones and The Addams Family.

But its not just film fans that are in for a thrill. For music fans there are signed items by such stars as Chuck Berry and Oasis. There is even a Michael Jackson "Dangerous Tour" jacket.

Admission: £2.00 per adult, £1.00 per Child (under 5s free)

Names shown may be trademarks owned by third parties. The owners of the exhibition, organisers and venue make no claim to any such marks and willingly or knowingly misuses or misapplies such marks. No celebrity nor film production company endorsement is intended or implied.


Street house before the SaxonsStreet houses

Dr Sherlock returns to Kirkleatham Museum to unveil more artefacts linked to the highly successful Saxon Princess Exhibition, a stunning showcase of some of the finest Anglo Saxon finds from Northern England.

Archaeological excavations to the north of Loftus between 1979 and 2004 present a wealth of evidence of how people lived in East Cleveland over the last 5,000 years. The results of the excavations are presented in the exhibition Street House before the Saxons and opens its doors to visitors on Saturday 12th July 2014 at Kirkleatham Museum Redcar. The exhibition shows the varied range of sites, and the finds demonstrate how people were living in this part of North East Yorkshire thousands of years ago. The excavations have found a Neolithic cairn (3000 BC), Bronze Age burial sites, the remains of a timber house and two timber circles that date to around 2000 BC. During the Iron Age (300 BC), families were living in a settlement, growing crops and rearing animals. A Roman villa (AD 370) was found in the next field where people were making jet jewellery and pottery, and trading products around the area. This location became the setting for an Anglo-Saxon village, the home of a Saxon Princess.

This exhibition tells the story of the dig through photographs, two films, archaeological objects and offers the chance for children to find out about Roman life and dress up as a Roman!
Admission is free.

All at:
Kirkleatham Museum
TS10 5NW
Tel: 01642 479500

Opening Times
1st April 30th September
Tues Sun 10.00am 5.00pm
1st Oct 31st March
Tues Sun 10.00am 4.00pm

icon Weather
TODAY: Light Rain
MAX: 14°C MIN: 12°C

Todays Tides
05:18 - High Tide (5.20m)
11:40 - Low Tide (1.00m)
17:41 - High Tide (5.10m)
23:47 - Low Tide (1.30m)

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