Loud Music and Parties

Loud Music

By far and large the biggest cause of complaints to the Environmental Protection Team are about loud music from domestic properties. Not everyone appreciates the same level or type of music, particularly if it prevents them from sleeping and contrary to popular belief loud music can be considered a nuisance at any time of the day or night.
  • Always be considerate and try to keep your music at a reasonable level.
  • If you like to play your music loud or late at night you might want to consider switching to headphones.
  • Remember that sound travels through walls and ceilings (as well as doors and windows) especially if the sound insulation is not very good.
  • In the event of serious and persistent noise disturbance this department has the power to seize and retain stereo equipment.
Surround Sound Systems

Surround systems are becoming a common feature of our lives as more of us strive for the full cinematic or concert experience in our own homes. The use of such systems can increase the amount of sound your neighbour will hear.

There are many ways to reduce the noise from surround sound systems:
  • Think about where you place speakers.
  • Place the speakers on rubber sound insulation matting and, if possible, keep them off the floor.
  • If you live in a flat, ceiling hung speakers may not be a good idea.
  • When you install a new system, you may want to check the level with your neighbour.
  • Don't mount a TV on a wall adjoining your neighbours property.
  • Be careful to keep music volumes as low as possible.
  • Bass beat is often the most audible to complainants so try to minimise its volume.
  • Adverts are often louder than the main feature you are viewing so consider turning down the volume during the commercial break.
  • Be aware and careful of the volume if you tend to fall asleep whilst listening to music or watching a movie.
Noise from parties

There is no law prohibiting anyone from having an occasional party in their own home such as an annual birthday party, however reasonable precautions should be taken to ensure that you do not cause a statutory nuisance to your neighbours.

If you are having a party you may want to:
  • Inform your neighbour in advance that you intend to have a party.
  • Keep music levels to a reasonable level, its your home not a night club.
  • If the evening is hot people are tempted to go out into the garden from where the noise that they make travels easily.
  • Be aware that background noise levels will drop at around 11 pm when your neighbours may be trying to get to sleep.
  • If there is music in the garden you may want to switch it off at 11 pm.
  • Bring guests inside later on at night.
  • Keeping windows closed later on at night.
  • If you intend to invite a large number of guests you may want to consider hiring a suitable venue e.g. a hall.
  • Don't invite too many people and make sure that you know your guest & don't put an invitation on Facebook.
  • Don't have parties too often or you may cause a statutory nuisance.
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