Draught proofing

Draught Proofing
Fitting simple draught
strips will improve the
comfort of your home as
well as reducing
energy bills.
Although draught proofing is a very worthwhile measure in terms of energy efficiency, the greatest benefit is of comfort in your home. You will notice an immediate difference in the warmth of your home by fitting draught proofing as it stops cold air coming in from outside.
Knowing whether you need to draught proof is easy. Just hold up the palm of your hand to your windows and doors - wherever you feel cold air coming in, warm air is escaping, and that means energy is being wasted! In fact 20% of heat can be lost through tiny gaps around windows, doors and floors. Also check places where pipework enters your home. You could be losing heat there too, so seal up any gaps.

Most draught proofing materials are cheap to buy and widely available. Draught proofing your whole house can cost from as little as £50 if you do it yourself, and can save you up to £25 a year. BUT . . . A word of warning - don't go mad! Your home needs some ventilation to stop it becoming stale and stuffy, and to eliminate the possibility of condensation and mould growth. Ventilation is essential if you have solid fuel fires, gas fires or a boiler with an open flue. So have chimneys swept regularly and check your airbricks for blockages.

Ventilation is essential in kitchens and bathrooms, so if there are not other means such as an extractor fan, dont draught proof there!

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