On the road

Traffic produces
carbon dioxide.
Cars and lorries cause air pollution through exhaust fumes. The Carbon Dioxide they produce contributes to the threat of Global Warming and Climate Change. You can help by getting more miles to the gallon. This will save you money and reduce the amount of harmful substances being pumped into the atmosphere.
The Government is working to control exhaust emissions, and the road building programme will cut pollution by reducing congestion.

If you or your family use a car you could reduce air pollution - and at the same time save money - if you:
  • Use unleaded petrol if your car can take it - remember it's cheaper as well as cleaner.
  • Keep the engine properly tuned and serviced and the tyres inflated to the right pressure so the car runs efficiently.
  • Don't leave the car engine running unnecessarily - start your engine only when youre ready to move off
  • Avoid rapid acceleration and heavy breaking as both of these increase fuel consumption and pollution.
  • Consider walking or cycling for shorter journeys - when a car engine is cold it produces 60% more pollution than when it is warmed up.
  • Use public transport whenever you can - it reduces congestion and will encourage the Government to improve the system.

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