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Foster Care My foster carer makes me feel important and good and I love her, I feel as though I really matter
Maz age 16

Its nice to know I have a bed to sleep in at night instead of being on my mates floor, or anybodys floor. Its not good when you realise your family doesnt want you.
W age 14

When she said you put clean pants on everyday, I couldnt believe it, I only had clean ones on a Sunday at home, if I was lucky and got a bath. I was only ten then but I know different now.
Im 13 CB

Sometimes you just have to get on with life at home, but then I was fostered and its brilliant!

My Foster carer listens to me and nobody ever did that to me before.

Im not scared anymore, I can feel safe and snug in bed I love it here
My Foster Family by June 8 years.

Sometimes Im horrible to them but its really my family Im mad at, I scream at Pat but she just says get it all out and we end up laughing together, shes mad but I really know it helps me. This has made me want to foster when I get older.

The day I was fostered was the day my life began, I love my real family, I always will but yeah my carers gave me a life, a normal life. I didnt know how it should really be till then. I get told off but its cool, I know they still care, and tomorrow will be ok too.
Ste 17
Together we can make a difference

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