What is adoption?

Change a childs life and foster

Adoption is a way of providing a new family for a baby or child when it is not possible for him or her to remain with their own family.

The majority of children placed for adoption will have been removed from their parents via the Court system and it is the Court who will need to approve the adoption plan. We have children of all ages both boys and girls but sadly it is more difficult to find adoptive parents for older children ( over 5/6 years) or those wishing to adopt a sibling group of perhaps two children. We want to give all children the hope of having a mum and dad of their own, therefore our Authority would particularly like to hear from any prospective adopters who would wish to adopt an older child or a sibling group.

An Adoption Order severs all legal ties with the birth family and gives the new adoptive family parental rights and responsibilities for the child.

The child becomes a full member of your family, usually takes your surname and assumes the same rights and privileges as if he or she had been born to you.

However, it is now considered important for a link of some kind to be kept with the child's birth family. This is something that you will learn more about later on.

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