Are you threatened with homelessness?

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If you are homeless or think you are about to become homeless, we can provide you with help and advice. You should contact Housing Advice & Information Service on 01287 612444 as soon as possible. We may be able to help prevent you from becoming homeless, or help you find new accommodation.

Remember, get advice as soon as you think you may have to leave your present home. The Council may be able to help you keep your home, but even if you should become homeless, the sooner you contact us the better.

Our officers have wide ranging experience of providing assistance to prevent homelessness. We deal with over 1000 enquiries a year.

For further advice or assistance with your housing needs, please visit the Council's homelessness page or contact us on 01287 612444 - email: If you require emergency accommodation after 5pm or weekends, contact our out of hours service on 01642 771300.

Illegal harrassment and eviction
A residential occupier may be illegally evicted or suffer harassment from their landlord, a friend of the landlord or his agent. Some examples of harassment include threats to illegally evict, disconnection of services, persistent unannounced visits, interfering with mail and removal of a tenants possessions, changing the locks without notice.

Most tenancies involve a proper procedure to terminate the right to occupy the accommodation. Examples of unlawful evictions include changing locks, moving another person into the accommodation, removing the occupiers possessions. The occupier would not normally agree to or be aware of the above acts that may amount to illegal eviction.

Should you wish to report a problem or need further advice, please contact Housing Standards Team on 01287 612455 or email:

Evicted persons should contact Housing Advice & Information Service for advice on homelessness and eligibility for rehousing on 01287 612444 or email:

Is your landlord's property being repossessed?
Most tenants are in a weak position if their landlord's lender wants to repossess the property. But you may have some protection from eviction if your tenancy is binding on the landlord's lender. If not, you will have to look at other options.

In most cases, the lender's right to repossess the property overrides the tenant's right to live there. If you think that repossession by your landlord's lender is a possibility you should get advice immediately.

Lenders are often unaware that a property has been rented out to tenants, so it is common for legal proceedings to be started without the tenants even being aware that there is a problem.

A reasonable landlord should always warn her/his tenant if repossession is a possibility, but in many cases, tenants will not be aware of any problem until the court sends a notice to the property, informing them that the lender has been given a possession order and the bailiffs will be coming to repossess the property.

This notice should be addressed to the defendant in the possession proceedings (ie the landlord) and "any other occupiers". It is therefore very important that you open any mail sent to "the occupier". This notice tells you when bailiffs will be coming. It may only give a few days notice of an eviction, so get advice immediately if you receive one.

Latest News: "New repossession rules to protect tenants from being booted out without notice" (CLG - 1 October 2010)

Further Advice:
The National Homelessness Advice Service (NHAS) has provided guidance (see link below) which describes the options available for households with unsustainable mortgage debt, helping households to explore the possible advantages of exiting homeownership and overcome the barriers they may face. The guide goes through the pros and cons of
  • Voluntary Sale
  • Voluntary Possession
  • Mortgage Rescue Scheme

For further information, please follow this link to the Shelter websiteor the National Homelessness Advice Service.
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