1. Members Allowances basic principles

The Council has previously decided that the value of the various classes of allowance should be determined by the number of full time equivalent daily sessions per annum multiplied by a daily rate derived from the average full time adult wage for Teesside as calculated annually by theTeesside Joint Strategy Unit. The Council has decided that from May 2003 the daily rate should be calculated on the average national weekly wage as determined by the LGA. The transition is to be phased in over the life of the council (4 years). Independent consultants initially assessed the number of full time days. This is subject to annual review by the Independent Members Remuneration Panel.

Members Allowances are paid at monthly intervals.

All allowances are subject to tax and National Insurance deductions and these will be deducted prior to payment. Where members elect to receive reimbursement by way of a single advance payment they should be aware that should their National Insurance status change within the year (eg reach retirement age) they will not be able to reclaim any refund of NI contributions for their period of office after the change of status.

All payments made under the Members Allowances Scheme are to be made through the payroll system (except on the grounds of urgency or the correction of error as approved by the Chief Financial Officer).

Where a Member leaves office, mid term and having received any advance payment in relation to any un-discharged period of office then such payments are payable to the Council. Where a Member dies in office any advance payment will fall to be recovered from the estate (if any) of the deceased Member.

A Member who is claiming or receiving any benefit should notify the DWP or other Benefits Office, as their right to receive the benefit may be affected.

Annual amounts due to Members reviewed annually and are shown at Schedule 1 to the Scheme.
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Members' Allowance Scheme
2. Basic Allowance
Members' Allowance Scheme
Members' Allowance Scheme