Recycling at a bottle-bank. We all produce household waste, and most of this is buried on land. Amazingly, about half of this waste could be usefully recycled.
Recycling reduces the waste of raw materials, and less energy is needed to produce new goods.

For example, producing an aluminium can from recycled material takes one twentieth of the energy needed to produce a can from raw materials.

Each time an item is recycled, that is one less item to be dumped into the landfill sites which mar our countryside.

How can you help?

Try to follow these pointers in your everyday life, and soon recycling will become second nature:
  • Make use of the many collection points for glass, paper and other materials which are often found in supermarket car parks and rubbish tips.
  • Recycle waste food into compost for your garden.
  • Buy recycled products - this will encourage manufacturers to supply them.
  • Choose goods which can be recycled over those which cannot.
  • Dispose of an old fridge or freezer by having it collected by a CFC Recycling Centre.
For information on recycling points nearest to your home, follow one of the links below:

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