Licensed Premises

The Licensing Act 2003 requires any premises that provide entertainment by way of music, dancing, indoor sports, plays or films to hold a licence. Licensed premises such as public houses are often situated close to residential properties and there is always a potential that their use will cause disturbance.

Licensable premises have an essential duty to prevent public nuisance to residents living nearby and licenses are issued with conditions to ensure that any disturbance caused to the general public is kept to a minimum. Failure to prevent public nuisance may lead to action being taken by the Environmental Protection Team under the licensing regime in addition to any action to prevent statutory nuisance.

In response to a complaint about noise disturbance at a licensed premises officers from the Council's Environmental Health Service will contact the management informally to advise them of the problem and encourage them to take voluntary action to remedy the situation.

If you believe a licensed premises is operating outside its permitted licensable hours you should in the first instance contact the Licensing Section.

Managers of licensed premises can use a variety of control measures to minimize noise from entertainment for example:
  • Windows should be kept closed at all times during entertainment.
  • Doors should be kept closed as much as possible during entertainment.
  • Doors should be close fitting and constructed from dense, heavy materials.
  • Acoustic door seals may be fitted to doors to minimise sound escape from premises.
  • An acoustic double door lobby may be installed to the entrance to ensure effective insulation.
  • Acoustic double or secondary glazed windows may be installed with air gaps of at least 10mm between panes.
  • Exit and fire doors which should not be used by customers during entertainment may be connected to the noise limiting cut out device so that if a door is opened during a performance, the device is activated. They must still be available for use as a fire exit and not be locked.
  • Management should be in control of sound levels at all times - not the DJ.
  • A sound limiting cut out device may be installed to control noise levels.
  • Mechanical ventilation systems may be fitted to ensure that sufficient ventilation exists to prevent doors and windows being opened during hot weather.
  • All ventilation outlets should be fitted with acoustic baffles.
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