New online weight management programme for the people of Teesside

NHS Tees in partnership with researchers from the University of Southampton are offering residents a special opportunity for free access to a new weight management website.

The POWeR website (Positive Online Weight Reduction) provides users with helpful tools and support to build life-long eating and physical activity habits to help lose weight and keep it off.

POWeR has been developed by leading doctors, dieticians and psychologists at the University of Southampton, based on the latest research evidence about what works for managing weight.

From 1 May 2012 people on Teesside have the opportunity to use the POWeR website for free as part of a research study. Users can work through online sessions in the comfort of their own home, and gradually learn skills to become their own health coach.

Professor Yardley, whose team developed the website said: People who have tried POWeR say they find it practical and easy to use, and that it actually helps them overcome the urge to over eat.

Scott Lloyd, Health Improvement Specialist for NHS Tees said: Many people will have already tried to lose weight through strict or faddy diets or exercise regimes and not had much long term success. POWeR is a great opportunity to try a new, positive, evidence-based approach designed by experts in weight management.

If you would like to try the new POWeR website visit to find out more.

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