Reduce Antisocial Behaviour & Associated Incidents

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council are committed to working in partnership to reduce levels of nuisance and antisocial behaviour. Antisocial behaviour is classified as serious or persistent behaviour that causes harassment, alarm and distress within the community. This type of behaviour can have a huge impact on the quality of life for everyone living in the area and can be particularly damaging to the elderly or to vulnerable members of the community.

The team of three Antisocial Behaviour Officers use a three-pronged approach to tackle antisocial behaviour:

  • Prevention
  • Support
  • Enforcement

Education around antisocial behaviour and related issues is delivered in a range of settings such as school assemblies, dedicated workshops throughout Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Youth Groups and Sports Clubs. Education on a 121 basis is also carried out by the officers to young people engaging in or on the periphery of engaging in antisocial behaviour. Officers focus on the consequences of young peoples behaviour, the acceptable behaviour campaign, the impact on victims and what is involved in enforcement such as Antisocial Behaviour Injunctions and Criminal Behaviour Orders.

The Antisocial Behaviour Officers understand that people may be fearful of making a complaint so we provide help and support for all victims and witnesses. This support includes:

  • A dedicated Antisocial Behaviour Officer who takes the lead responsibility for the complaint and co-ordinates any multi-agency action plan that is required.
  • Liaison with Coast & Country Housing or relevant Registered Social Landlords (where applicable).
  • Victim Focus Groups - a meeting arranged for residents who are providing evidence of antisocial behaviour. This allows witnesses to appreciate that they are not alone in their complaints and it creates a support network for local communities.
  • Referrals to appropriate Support Services if deemed necessary, such as UNITE Mediation Services, Victim Support, Transformational Change team and Early Help services.
  • Completion of Victim Vulnerability Matrix


Acceptable Behaviour Campaign
Young people engaging in antisocial behaviour can be issued with a form called an AS13. These can be given out by a Police Officer and/or an Antisocial Behaviour Officer. This form records the incident, time/date/location and the action taken by the officer at the time. This is electronically recorded and leads to a series of structured processes and actions. These actions can include a verbal warning, letter to parents, home visit to the young person and their parents and a visit to the police station.

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs)
Acceptable Behaviour Contracts are negotiated contracts between people to set out acceptable behaviour. They are used by the Antisocial Behaviour Officers in partnership with other agencies such as the Police, Education, Youth Offending Service and Social Housing Providers and youth service. The Contracts run for a period of six months and can contain prohibitions such as not to go into a particular area, not to swear, not to throw stones for example. The content of the contract will be drawn up using evidence that has already been gathered by agencies and failure to comply with the agreed terms could result in an Antisocial Behaviour Injunction being sought.

Antisocial Behaviour Injunctions (ASBIs) and Criminal Antisocial Behaviour Orders (CBO's)
ASBIs and CBOs are preventative Orders that can be used against any person aged 10 or over where the local authority have evidence that they have been causing antisocial behaviour. The Local Authority the Police and YOS if the person is under 18yrs old must agree that an Injunction or CBO is necessary to stop the behaviour from occurring. Injunctions that can be used against any person aged 10 or over where the local authority have evidence that they have been causing antisocial behaviour .The Injunctions are Issued by the county court for those aged over 18yrs and the youth court for under 18s for a minimum of 1 year.

Breach of the injunction is not a criminal offence, but breach must be proved to the criminal standard, that is, beyond reasonable doubt. For those over 18s, a breach is classed as civil contempt of court with unlimited fine or up to two years imprisonment. Breaches for under 18s will received a supervision order or, as a very last resort, a civil detention order of up to three months for 14-17 year olds.

In seeking any of the two orders the officers will need to demonstrate to court that they have tried a number of actions and this is the last resort. Residents will be asked to keep diary sheets that can be constructed into statements to support these orders. Without this form of evidence, getting these orders are extremely difficult. Residents can give information anonymously and this information will be compiled into an hearsay statement which the officer writes on their behalf so that victims and witnesses are not identified. This often helps residents feel happier to report incidents that are affecting them without the fear of reprisals.

If you are suffering from antisocial behaviour please find attached an electronic copy of a diary sheet. The Diary sheet will document the days and times of incidents and a description of the incidents that have taken place. Officers use this information to help take enforcement action against those people responsible for causing antisocial behaviour. This information can also be used to compile statements that are anonymised and are called Hearsay Statements. These statements can be used in Court to help support various orders.

Without this information officers struggle to take the necessary action against those individuals who continue negatively impact on residents quality of life.

Please pass completed sheets through to Antisocial Behaviour Officer, Kirkleatham Police HQ, Troisdorf Way, Kirkleatham Business Park, Redcar TS105AP with your contact details so that officers can feed back to you any actions.

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