Website Accessibility

At Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council we are committed to making our website accessible to as much of the community as possible.

We have taken the following steps:
  • The site is navigated through text links avoiding the use of graphical buttons which cannot be resized.
  • Text content is resizable allowing the user to choose the size at which it is displayed (see below for instructions).
  • High contrast colour combinations have been used where possible to make text easily readable.
  • Text descriptions are given for images in the form of ALT tags - that is the text that appears when you rollover an image. This text is also available to screen-readers so users with sight difficulties can still make sense of the page.
  • The use of frames has been avoided as screen-readers have problems navigating within framed sites.
  • The order in which the tab key moves the cursor around the page particularly on forms is controlled so the keyboard user can move logically through the page.
  • The site structure is designed to make it easy to find the information you are looking for and always has the search facility available.
  • Graphical content has been kept to a minimum to avoid lengthy download times for people with slow internet connections.
  • Access key shortcuts are provided so users who have difficulty using a mouse can navigate easily around the site.
How can I change the settings on my browser to make the website more readable?

In Internet Explorer:
  1. On the View menu rollover the Text Size option and click on Larger or Largest.

Note: If the text is not resized by following Step 1 then on the Tools menu click on Internet Options, then click on the Accessibility button. Tick the box next to Ignore font sizes specified on web pages.

In Mozilla Firefox:

  1. On the View menu rollover the Text Size option and click on Increase Font. Repeat until the text is of a size for you to read comfortably.
  2. Alternatively use the keyboard shortcuts. To increase text size press Ctrl and +, and to reduce the size press Ctrl and - simultaneously.

If you find any problems with the accessibility of pages on the Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council website please contact us by telephone: (01642) 444474 or email:

Changing language:

You can translate any page on our website into various languages using free facilities provided by external translation websites.
Further information.

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