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Term Definition
Received Date This is the date the application is received by the Council.
Valid Date This is the when the Council have all the information they require to start processing the application.
Weekly List - Week End Date The weekly list contains all applications that have become valid that week. The week end date is the date that the application appeared on this list.
Start and End Public Consultation For each application a three week period is designated, during which the public will be consulted. The start and end dates define this period.
Site Notice Expiry Date This date is the date by which any comments on the application should be made.
Target Decision Date The Authority will endeavour to issue a decision on or before this date where possible.
Decision Date This is the date that the decision was made regarding the planning application.
Last Modified Date This is the date the planning application document on the web was last updated/modified.

Users guide:

To follow a particular planning application we recommend that you do the following.
  1. Finding an application: Look for the application in the list of current planning applications, or search for it by typing in part of the address.
    NOTE: Only valid applications are published on this website.

  2. Click on the link to the page that shows the details for that planning application. You could add this page into your favourites so you can easily view the page at a later date to keep up-to-date with progress. Also it is useful to make a note of the Application Reference Number.

    Sample Application details page
    Sample Application details page

  3. Commenting on an application: You have the option to submit comments about the application online - click on the link at the foot of the application details page entitled 'Comment on this application'. Alternatively you can submit comments by e-mail or letter - contact details.

  4. Following the applications' progress: The details for each application are updated regularly, you will notice that dates will be added or changed for example the Public Consultation dates and target decision date.

  5. Delegated decisions: The vast majority of decisions are taken by Planning Officers, these are called 'Delegated Decisions', and once a decision is taken details are given on the application details page, and a link to the Decision Notice (giving conditions or reasons for refusal) will be made available.

  6. Committee decisions: If the decision is to be made by the Planning Committee an Officers' Report will be made available at least 5 days before the Committee meeting. You can look up the Committee meeting dates.
    You can view this Officers' Report on the Committee agendas section or from the Application details page that you added to your favourites. After the meeting, if the decision is made, the Decision Notice will be made available in the same way as a delegated decision.

  7. Appeals: If an application is refused the applicant has a right of appeal to the Planning Inspectorate and details of previous appeals decisions are given on the Appeals page, and also will be made available on the Application details page.

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