In many parts of the World, including some parts of this country, water is a scarce resource. We tend to think of Britain as a wet country, but in recent years, average rainfall has fallen and conservation messages such as hosepipe bans are almost the norm during the drier summer months.

The amount of water we use in the home is growing year by year. A household today uses 70% more water than it did 30 years ago, mainly because we now have more labour-saving appliances which use lots of water such as dishwashers and washing machines.

We also water our gardens much more frequently than in the past and the number of cars to be washed has doubled in recent years. In fact, on average, we each use 130 litres of water a day - thats about two baths full!

We all need to consider the ways in which we use water and how we could reduce waste. Simple things like:
  • boiling the kettle with only the amount of water needed instead of filling it always make sure the elements are covered.
  • taking a shower instead of a bath, will not only save water but energy as well.
  • When using a washing machine or dish washer make sure they are full before you use them.
  • Switch off the tap when brushing your teeth - a running tap wastes more than six litres of water a minute.
  • Fit a Save-a-Flush device in your toilet cistern - contact your water supplier to receive your free bag. Its easy to install into your toilet cistern, saves approximately 1-litre per flush and will help to reduce metered bills, water consumption and preserve an invaluable commodity.
The Energy saving tips page of this website gives further details on how you can use water more wisely.

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