12. Public speaking at Committee

12.1 Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council permits public speaking at its planning Committee (applications) meetings, subject to the following
  • Where possible those wishing to speak should advise an officer in the Development Management team, in advance of the Planning Committee meeting that they wish to speak on an application. (Contact names and numbers appear on any correspondence from the Council in connection with the planning application) . Speaking will only be permitted if the application is one which will go before Planning Committee and the individual concerned has a legitimate interest in the application. Comments should be limited to material planning considerations and comments of a personal or discriminating nature will not be permitted. Prior notice should be given if it is intended to show plans, photographs or other illustrative material and copies must be deposited with the Council. Where there are several members of the public wishing to make the same points, the Chairman may ask them to elect up to three spokespersons.
  • Those wishing to speak should arrive at the Planning Committee meeting at least 15 minutes before its start and report to the democratic services officer or planning clerk. A note will be taken of their details and the Chairman of the Committee advised accordingly.
  • Generally, the Chairman will ensure that those applications on which people wish to speak are taken early on in the agenda.
  • Such applications will be dealt with as follows: The Chairman will ask the officer(s) to present their report. Following that, the order of speaking is:
  • Objector(s)/Supporter(s) (3 minutes each maximum) the number of objectors/supporters allowed to speak will be at the discretion of the Chairman but will generally not exceed 3 for each side). The Chairman will not allow repetition of points.
  • Ward Members (in whose ward the application site is located) (3 minutes maximum)
  • Parish/Town Council Representatives (3 minutes maximum)
  • The applicant or their Agent (3 minutes maximum)

12.2 Following the above, the Chairman will ask the Officer(s) if there are any further points they wish to make in response to the points raised. The Committee will then debate the application and a decision will be made. Very occasionally, a decision may be deferred for more information. Members of the Committee may ask specific questions of a speaker for clarification, but speakers will not be allowed to join in the Committee debate, or to speak from the floor before or after their 3 minute slot.

12.3 A short leaflet will be made available to members of the public attending Planning Committee meetings, explaining briefly the procedures followed. A copy is forwarded when objectors/supporters are notified of the Committee date.

12.4 If a member of the public interrupts the proceedings, the Chair should warn that person. If the person continues the disruption, the Chair shall order an adjournment of the meeting. If deemed necessary the Chairman shall order that the disruptive person shall be removed to enable the meeting to be resumed. (See Clause 22.2 of the Council Procedure Rules in the Council Constitution)
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Local Guidance for Councillors and Officers Dealing with Planning Matters
Local Guidance for Councillors and Officers Dealing with Planning Matters