One of the easiest ways of saving energy is to replace some of the light bulbs around your home with energy saving light bulbs. They do the same job as ordinary light bulbs, but last at least eight times longer and save about three-quarters of the electricity. In real terms, over their lifetime, they can save up to £70!

Energy saving light bulbs are ideal for main room lighting, or for areas where lighting is left on for long periods of time. Some people notice that when an energy-saving light bulb is first switched on, it takes a few seconds before it reaches its full brightness.

Most energy saving light bulbs arent suitable for use with dimmer switches or electronic switching and timer devices, or with automatic presence detectors. However, there is a number of dimmable energy saving light bulbs being introduced to the market.

Energy saving light bulbs are made in a variety of different shapes and sizes so you can choose which suits you best. They also come in a variety of ratings you can use the following table as a guide to help you choose which rating you need to replace existing light bulbs.

Ordinary lightbulb rating
Energy Saving lightbulb of similar output
40w 7w, 11w
60w 11w, 14w
75w 15w, 18w
100w 20w, 25w
150w 32w

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