Gypsies & Travellers

At present there are more Gypsy/Traveller trailers than there are authorised legal places for them to stop. Government research estimates that at any one time there are approximately 3500 trailers on unauthorised encampments in England.

Having regard to the above information, it is likely that unauthorised camping may take place within this Borough. In order to ensure adequate planning and preparation for unauthorised encampments an Unauthorised Camping Procedure has been prepared and adopted.

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council will consider each unauthorised encampment on an individual basis balancing the welfare needs of Travellers with those of the resident communities.

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council recognise that Gypsies and Travellers, other agencies/departments, elected members and members of the settled community should be kept informed about what is happening with unauthorised encampments. Regular Gypsy/Traveller information exchanges provide information regarding current issues within the borough.

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