Congestion & Safer Streets

Central and Local Government have agreed 5-shared priorities for transport. These priorities cover improving accessibility, road safety, traffic congestion, air quality and quality of life. The majority of the Authorities expenditure is related to accident related data led initiatives to bring about positive changes in the Council priority areas and Central Government targets.

As you will be aware, there is concern across the whole borough regarding road safety. The Authority has committed a substantial budget to tackle injury related accidents across the borough, however supplementary to accident led schemes the Authority has agreed to implement a budget to tackle residents concerns. They may be any road safety issues, including perceived speeding concerns, accessibility problems and quality of life issues to name but a few.

You as a lead resident may wish to pursue your request through the Councils Safer Streets Scheme. This is the chance to put your communitys ideas and suggestions forward to be considered for funding in accordance with key dates as indicated on the table shown.

This pack will hopefully give you some ideas as to what is available that can be considered to alleviate your concerns and problems. The pack includes details of speed reducing features and parking improvement measures, which you may select from. Upon application 2 maps will be provided, one to be returned with your proposals shown on it and the other a working drawing to be kept by yourself and a summary sheet to be returned with your consultation response. As lead resident it will be your role to collaborate with your neighbours to propose a scheme that is acceptable to the majority of residents in the street and provide signatory evidence to that affect.

You may also put forward suggestions for the use of other measures, however the funds may only be spent on measures that reduce the potential for the occurrence of accidents or improve accessibility issues and quality of life for residents.

Key to the success of any bid will be the acceptability of the proposals to local residents, particularly to those who would be directly affected by measures outside their houses.

It is unlikely that all submitted schemes will be implemented due to available budgets and demand. I will, therefore, be assessing the submissions against Statutory Instruments and Department of Transport Guidelines to identify the suitability of the scheme.

If the scheme is successful following an assessment by an Engineer, a revised plan with final proposals will be returned to you to canvass the views of the residents on the final layout for this scheme. It is imperative at this stage that the plan indicating the proposals is shown to all residents so an accurate gauge of their opinions to the scheme can be established and written evidence indicating their support or opposition of the application. If a majority of households are in favour of the proposals, the scheme can proceed.

All qualifying schemes will then be forwarded to the relevant Area Environment Committee to be considered and prioritise each request.

The closing date for the return of submissions for schemes to be eligible for implementation in the following financial year is 31 October, however, any submissions received after this date will be considered for implementation in the following year.

Unfortunately due to the number of requests received, I cannot offer extensive staff resources to assist in the consultation process, however If you have any specific queries regarding these issues advice can be sort on (01287) 612464.

Road Safety

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