Independent Travel Training

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council (RCBC) Independent travel training (ITT) program. It is supported by the Local sustainable transport fund (LSTF) and was introduced in April of 2013. The ITT was developed in partnership with Middlesbrough Borough Council and hopes to develop into a South Tees wide provision.

What is travel training?

Travel training is the process by which you can learn to make a trip between two places on your own, safely. This trip could be as simple as finding your own way to the corner shop or as complicated as undertaking a multi-component journey to another town or city. All travel training is flexible, so throughout the whole training process the various components will be monitored and reviewed and can be changed if necessary.

The aim of the travel training is to improve your confidence and help you to develop the skills needed to travel independently. This should broaden your travel horizons and enable you to access new life opportunities.

The ITT program run at RCBC aims to support young people with Learning disabilities within the Redcar and Cleveland area. Travel training may be offered on a 1-2-1 basis or as a group session within schools. The school based program includes four classroom sessions which; offer an overview of ITT, personal safety, road safety, and journey planning followed by a practical journey. Any ITT offered to individuals will be built around your current skills and needs in order to develop your knowledge and confidence to become safe independent travellers.

Why travel training?

By participating in the Independent Travel Training programme, you are making a positive lifestyle choice. Travel training will allow you to develop the confidence and skills needed to travel alone, making it easier for you to make new friends, meet up with existing friends, find a job, go to college and become more independent in other areas of their life.

How will travel training be implemented?

All travel trainers have enhanced CRB clearance and are trained and experienced in providing this support.

As part of the training, the travel trainer will identify a route that the individual regularly makes (for example, home to school or college). This route will be risk assessed to ensure it is the safest and most appropriate route for the trainee to take. The travel trainer will complete a travel diary every time training takes place. The diary includes risk assessment information and also allows everyone involved in the travel training process the chance to record progress and reflect before, during and after the journey.

Who is eligible for travel training?
  • Resident of Redcar and Cleveland with an additional need
  • Usually aged 14+
  • Accessing education, training or work
  • Currently using our dedicated transport

Does travel training work?

I first met with Dan* June 2012 and he was determined that he would use our home to school provided transport and not the college bus. Dan had used our transport service since attending Kirkleatham Hall School and was very anxious at the thought of travelling to college without that provision. Dan and I completed the journey together numerous times throughout July and the summer holiday and Dans confidence increased each time, regularly reciting the route and completing the journey with little or no prompting from me. By the time term started there was no mention of a taxi service, Dan was equipped and excited to try out the college bus. After a couple of weeks of seeing Dan on to the bus near home and meeting him at college, Dan (and I) felt ready to go it alone and by the end of September 2012 he was successfully travelling independently to college (and beyond). Staff at the college have commented on how well Dan has settled into college and how much his confidence has grown.

Although Jen* felt confident when using the bus with her friends for short journeys, she was nervous about using the bus on her own and travelling to another town. Jen just needed a little extra support in planning her journey as she was anxious about getting lost of forgetting which bus stop ton use. After supporting Jen in a couple of journeys and helping her to recognise different parts of the route she felt confident enough to complete the journey alone. Jen now travels independently to college and travels to meet her friends in other towns in the area.

* Names changed for confidentiality purposes.

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