Business Rates or National Non Domestic Rates

Explanatory notes for your 2018/19 Business Rates Bill - Please see the attachment at the bottom of this page for this information

Revaluation from 1st April 2017
There has been a revaluation of business rates from 1 April 2017. Business rates valuation is set by the Valuation Office Agency and local authorities charge business rates in accordance the information provided by this agency.

Business rates bills for 2017-18 will take into account any changes in rateable value for your business. Explanatory information relating to the bills can be viewed in the attachment at the bottom of this page.

Check your rateable value

Small business rates
The threshold for receiving small business rates relief is changing from 1 April 2017. If the rateable value of your business is £12,000 or less you may not have to pay rates. (Restrictions will apply)

What are Business Rates?

Business rates are charged in respect of all non-domestic property. 50% of business rates collected are paid into a central government pool. 49% is retained by local authorities and 1% is contributed to the Fire Brigade Service. The money that the Council receives is used to pay for the services that it provides.

What type of Property is classed as Non-Domestic?

Most Non-Residential properties attract Non-Domestic Rates even if they are not being used for commercial purposes. A property is rateable if it appears in the Local Valuation List. This is compiled and maintained by the Valuation Office Agency, an agency of the Inland Revenue. The Council must charge rates on all properties that appear in the valuation list.
You can view the valuation list on line at .

Who is Liable?

If you occupy a property shown in the Local Valuation List then you will be liable to pay rates even if you have a rate inclusive lease with your landlord.

If the property is empty and not exempt from Unoccupied property rates and you have a current lease you will be liable to pay rates.


If there is no current lease then the owner of the property is liable.

How is my rate bill calculated?

Business rates are calculated using a rateable value. Your rateable value is set by the Valuation Office Agency. Rateable value levels are reviewed every 10 years

The rateable value is multiplied by an amount known as a 'business rate multiplier. Multipliers are set each year by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Business rate reliefs
You may be eligible for business rate relief if:

  • Your Business Rates have increased in the 2017 Revaluation - (Revaluation Support) See the attachment at the bottom of this page for further information
  • Your business premises is empty
  • Your business is a small business (with a rateable value below £15,001)
  • Your Business is a charity, or operates on a, not for profit, basis
  • Your business is in a rural area
  • Your business is suffering hardship (this type of relief will only be paid in exceptional circumstances)
If you wish to apply for relief you will need to send an email to
Please state the type of relief that you are enquiring about.

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Business rates or National Non Domestic Rates
How do I pay?
Business rates or National Non Domestic Rates
Business rates or National Non Domestic Rates