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Homelessness Strategy 2014-2019

This Strategy sets out what we need to do in order to develop and improve over the next 5 years. To build on current services and practices and the recognised challenges that face services who support clients in housing need.

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The four new key objectives of the draft new Homelessness Strategy are;
  1. Prevention of Homelessness.
  2. Develop housing pathways.
  3. Prepare for future challenges.
  4. Improve service delivery.
Our Homelessness Review, carried out during 2013-14, identified that within Redcar and Cleveland, the Council and partners have built upon the delivery of prevention that was the foundation of the previous strategy. We have continued to develop prevention products and have increased the range of housing options to assist those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness to retain their home or find alternative accommodation and undertake a planned move. As a result of the austerity measures placed upon public services, resources previously available to assist in the provision of support services have been drastically cut or ceased altogether. There are further reforms as yet to come, most notably the introduction of Universal Credit. Consequently, it is anticipated that the full effect of the changes cannot yet be known and the potential detrimental impact they may ultimately have upon the homeless, local authorities, housing providers and support agencies.

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