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Tax Free Childcare FAQ's

FAQ's Tax Free Childcare

How does it work?
Parents will use their online childcare account just like a bank account to pay childcare providers. Theyll be able to track how much theyve paid in and how much theyve spent for each child. Parents cant use Tax Free Childcare at the same time as childcare vouchers. Parents need to decide which scheme they will be using.

Who is eligible for Tax Free Childcare?
Parents could be eligible for Tax Free Childcare if they:  When will it be available and how will we be informed?
Tax Free Childcare will be available from early 2017. It will be rolled out gradually, with parents of the youngest children able to apply first. Parents will be able to apply for all their children at the same time, as soon as their youngest child becomes eligible. All parents will be eligible by the end of 2017. The Tax Free Childcare and 30 hours free childcare will be one single online application system on or via telephone to HMRC. It is anticipated parents can start to apply to check their eligibility from March 2017. HMRC will soon be launching a keep me updated tool, where parents can leave their details online and they will receive an email to let them know when they can sign up for Tax Free Childcare.

If I currently use Childcare Vouchers and want to check my eligibility for the 30 hours free childcare, because it is one single application (for both 30 hours and tax free childcare) do I have to change to the Tax Free Childcare scheme?
A parent can apply for the 30 hours free childcare only and continue to use the childcare vouchers. There is an option within the online application form for this.

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