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Simple tips for keeping warm and healthy

  1. Set day time room temperature to 21°C and bedroom temperature to at least 18°C

  2. Wrap up warm indoors as well as outdoors

  3. Wear several light layers of warm clothes (rather than one chunky layer)

  4. Dont forget to wear hats, gloves and scarves when going outdoors

  5. If you have heart or respiratory problems stay inside during a cold period, when possible

  6. Keep curtains drawn and doors closed to block out draughts

  7. Make sure you have enough medication if it's to cold to go outside

  8. Keep stocks of tinned and frozen foods

  9. Move around at least once an hour and don't sit down for long periods of time. Even light exercise will help keep you warm

  10. Have regular hot drinks and at least one hot meal a day if possible. Eating regularly helps keep energy levels up during winter

  11. Keep your radiators clear of furniture or other obstructions.

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