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Why should I care?

Why should you care about saving energy and the environment?

ANSWER : We all hear a lot these days about the importance of saving energy and helping the environment - but why should you care? Surely it is big industry that is using and wasting vast amounts of energy and polluting the environment? True, industry does have a part to play, but did you know that over 25% of all Carbon Dioxide produced in the UK comes from home energy use? This figure increases to 40% if you include car use.
The flooding at Skinningrove in 2000 brought Climate Change to our doorstep
The flooding at Skinningrove in 2000
brought Climate Change to our doorstep.
Carbon Dioxide is one of the main "Greenhouse" gases which are causing global warming to occur. If global warming continues, the worlds climate will change and sea levels will rise. Weather conditions will become more extreme - recent events such as El Niño and the terrible floods and tornadoes that weve all seen on the television are all considered to be a result of climate change and are likely to become more severe.

By saving energy in your home, you will reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide released into the atmosphere, and so reduce the threat of global warming. In addition, the cost of the energy saved will benefit your pocket! You will be able to save 10-15% on your fuel bills without investing any money, purely by becoming more energy-wise.

Let's all try to give our children and grandchildren a healthy and sustainable future by combating climate change:


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