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External Funding

The External Funding Lead is delighted to provide funding information events that will help you speak direct to the funders and those who have already walked the trail of success in accessing key funding to keep their organisations alive and to deliver key services in the borough. Part of today's offer is about making sure you can support yourselves in accessing key funders through such tools as Open 4 Funding which is available here: Open 4 Funding - Community

There are currently no funding events scheduled.

Funding E-Bulletin

To help you stay informed of the latest and not so common funding programmes out there a new e-bulletin service provides you a handful of opportunities to explore, sent straight into your inbox. This service is exclusive to this area and provides you an active and regular feed of opportunities not normally seen. This e-bulletin will also promote ad-hoc events and useful links.
To subscribe to this FREE service email:

The nature of funding provides ever changing deadlines and programme requirements sometimes on a daily basis, proving hard to keep up with for any group needing a grant. Redcar and Cleveland Council however provide free access to Open 4 Funding, click the links below to find the service best suited to you:

If you find a grant you think could be suitable then your next stop is to speak to the External Funding Lead for Redcar and Cleveland Council.

Contact Adrian Harris via email: Or telephone: 01642 444370

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