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Climate Change, Carbon Reduction and Energy Efficiency

Our vision and values as a Council are to have "an excellent environment for everyone living, learning, working and visiting here." In this context, encouraging the efficient use of energy resources and therefore reducing harmful greenhouse gases is key we need to look after our environment and safeguard our unique borough for future generations to enjoy.

In terms of getting our own house in order, we are making great strides. Our Carbon Management programme commenced in 2010 and we continue to make excellent progress in reducing our own emissions. This work is also contributing to cutting our costs and making our organisation more sustainable.

Our Environmental Strategies and Policies set a framework for future activities, working towards providing a sustainable borough.

We also recognise the threat posed by Climate Change and the response that needs to be taken by the Council, its partners and citizens of the borough. We have developed our Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plans in order to tackle the immediate and future problems that Climate Change will bring.

Closer to home, energy efficiency simply makes good sense. With energy costs rising and household budgets squeezed, reducing energy use at home will help to keep costs down. Our Home Energy Conservation Act report sets out the steps that we are taking in order to assist households in Redcar and Cleveland to minimise their energy use.

 icon Download Redcar & Cleveland's HECA report (FINAL RCBC HECA report March 2013 REV B.pdf - 0.51Mb)
Last modified: 07/05/2013 10:39:49

 icon Download Redcar & Cleveland's HECA 2015 update (Redcar and Cleveland HECA 2015 update.pdf - 305.29k)
Last modified: 31/03/2015 15:07:15

 icon Download Redcar & Cleveland's HECA 2017 Report (Redcar and Cleveland HECA 2017.pdf - 329.19k)
Last modified: 31/03/2017 15:44:13

We have a wealth of advice and information to help you save energy at home, visit our energy efficiency pages for more information.

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