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Building a better tomorrow, today

Building a better tomorrow, today - leaflet The council are working towards improving and protecting the environment. We want to help encourage builders, homeowners and developers to move towards more sustainable choices and solutions. Energy use in buildings accounts for nearly 50% of UK carbon emissions, and construction directly and indirectly contributes to more than a third of the country's solid waste.

This can be changed though, and practical solutions exist. Buildings that are environmentally sound can be cheaper to run, more durable and more pleasant to live and work in. This leaflet gives homeowners and developers practical examples of how this can be achieved, benefitting both themselves and the environment.

If consideration is given to sustainability at the right stage in the design process, there should be minimal impact on overall costs. Often the sustainable option may be the cheap, common sense solution, the price of sustainable building technology is becoming increasingly affordable, and grants may be available that make the sustainable option pay straightaway. However large or small your building project, the following matters should be considered:

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