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Preparing for the risks in our area

You don't have to be in Cleveland long to identify that, whilst geographically small, there is a huge diversity between areas, the environment and social groups, this is what makes Cleveland a unique and vibrant place to live and work.

However, the same range of diversity is true about the risks faced. Whilst there are some risks which may affect anyone regardless of geography (pandemic influenza), there are some geographic areas where the risk is higher for certain incidents.

The Community Risk Register (CRR) provides information on emergencies that could happen within Cleveland, together with an assessment of how likely they are to happen and the impacts if they do.

This document aims to summarise these risks in a format which can be easily used by residents and communities.

It identifies;

Emergency Management Steps

Cleveland's Top Risks:

o Pandemic Influenza

o Flooding

o Animal Disease

o Industrial Action

o Industrial Site Incident

o Hazardous Transport

o Adverse Weather

o Marine Pollution

What can you do to be prepared in your home

The steps you can take to be prepared

How your local community can be prepared

The Cleveland Local Resilience Forum

How can your business be prepared

Cyber Security

How you can help

Utilities Failure

Personal information and useful contacts

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.pdf file 2017 Community Risk Register.pdf (2000k)
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