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Freight transport map

Freight Transport map leaflet This map has been designed to assist drivers of Commercial vehicles travelling with in the Redcar & Cleveland area. In addition to the recommended main through routes the map also includes insets of the main destination areas in the borough. These insets provide more detailed information to allow drivers the opportunity to plan the most appropriate route to their destination.

Abnormal loads:
Any vehicle and any indivisible load that is: classed as an abnormal load.

All hauliers carrying abnormal loads must provide advanced notification to the highway authority and the police so that so that amendments can be made to their route where necessary.

For further details please contact the Abnormal Loads officer:

Tel: (01287) 612543
Fax: (01287) 612542

It is the hauliers responsibility to ensure that height, weight and width restrictions are not exceeded by the vehicle.

Whilst all attempts have been made to ensure that the information supplied in this map is accurate, the authority accepts no liability from incidents arising from its use.

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