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Councillors' Declarations of Interest

All members of the Council are required by law to register their financial and other interests. The interests that must be registered include: Members must register any changes in these interests within 28 days of the change.

Members must also provide written notification, within 28 days of receiving it, of any gift or hospitality over the value of £25 which they received in their official capacity.

A member with an interest (disclosable pecuniary, pecuniary or non-pecuniary) in a matter who attends a Council Committee, Sub-Committee or Panel meeting at which the matter is considered, must disclose to the meeting the nature of his or her interest. A member has a pecuniary interest if the matter relates to something he must declare in the register of financial or other interests (see above), or if a decision on it might reasonably be regarded as affecting his, or a relatives or friends employment, office, trade, profession or vocation carried on by them or a relevant person for profit or gain.

All the above requirements are laid down in the Members Code of Conduct in the Council Constitution, which also contains further details and precise definitions of what members must declare.

The registers of financial and other interests, gifts and hospitality, and interests disclosed at meetings, is maintained at the Council's Offices at Redcar & Cleveland Leisure and Community Heart, Ridley Street, Redcar. It is available for inspection during office opening hours. Contact Sue Fenwick, Principal Democratic Services and Scrutiny Officer, Tel. 01642 444413 or email if you have enquiries about inspecting registers.

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