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Charltons and Margrove Ward of the Lockwood Parish Council

There is a casual vacancy in the Charltons and Margrove Ward of the Lockwood Parish Council. An election will take place if the required signatures are received by the Returning Officer by the deadline on the Notice of casual Vacancy.

 icon Notice of Casual Vacancy Charltons and Margrove 2017.pdf (9.41k)
Last modified: 16/10/2017 08:57:49

St Germains Ward By-Election 5 October 2017

Due to the sad death of Councillor Moses, there is a casual vacancy in the St. Germans Ward and an election will be held on 5 October 2017. Polling stations in the Ward will be open between 7am and 10pm and the Count will take place on 6 October 2017. The details of the Candidates who are standing for Election and any Agents that have been appointed can be seen below.

 icon  Declaration of Result of Poll.pdf (33.35k)
Last modified: 06/10/2017 11:06:50

 icon Notice Of Election 5 October.pdf (12.61k)
Last modified: 31/08/2017 09:01:48

 icon Notice of Election Agents 5 October.pdf (13.95k)
Last modified: 08/09/2017 16:11:52

 icon SOPN 5 October.pdf (15.31k)
Last modified: 08/09/2017 16:13:18

 icon Notice of Poll and SOPSN.pdf (21.77k)
Last modified: 27/09/2017 08:10:36

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