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Greenhouse gas emissions published

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Councils Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report for 2014/15 is aligned to international guidance on greenhouse gas reporting the GHG Protocol. The Council is committed to reducing its impact on climate change and preparing for the known impacts of changing weather patterns, evidenced through our Carbon Management Plan and Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

We recognise the importance of the transparency of measuring and reporting our emissions, which enables us to target our resources better to achieve reductions.

Download our GHG Emissions Report for 2014/15

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Archived reports

 icon RCBC GHG Report 2013-14.pdf (157.18k)

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Read on to find out more about our efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Carbon Management

Bootprint logo - reducing our carbon footprintCutting carbon emissions as part of the fight against climate change is one of our key priorities. It is all about putting our own house in order and leading by example. We have a corporate Key Objective to reduce our Carbon footprint.

We have developed a Carbon Management Plan in conjunction with the Carbon Trust. The Plan includes our target to reduce CO2 emissions from our own operations by 40% over the next 5 years (to end of 2014).

The success of the programme relies on investment in order to deliver the projects identified in the programme. We have been successful in securing £3.5m capital funding over the next 5 years to implement the projects identified in our Carbon Management Plan. Projects are already underway, and future projects will be prioritised in terms of potential carbon savings and length of payback.

Download our Carbon Management Plan:

 icon RCBC Carbon Management Plan.pdf (5.34Mb)
Last modified: 04/05/2011 16:22:30

How we are doing...

Since the plan was approved in March 2010 we have:
Our progress is reported quarterly to the Carbon Management Board and to cabinet.

10:10 logo Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
is a 10:10 organisation

In 2009, the Council signed up to the national 10:10 Campaign, which aimed to achieve a 10% cut in the UKs carbon emissions in 2010. The Carbon Management Programme will therefore assist with delivering our pledge to cut emissions during 2010 and beyond. To find out more about the 10:10 campaign visit

Covenant of Mayors logoCovenant of Mayors initiative

In January 2009, Redcar & Cleveland signed up to the European Covenant of Mayors (COM) initiative on climate change. The initiative was championed at a regional level with all 12 North East Authorities participating, voluntarily committing to go beyond set governmental targets on carbon reduction.

On 14th September 2010 Cabinet approved our Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), that shows how the local authority will reach our CO2 reduction target of 20% by 2020 for our Borough. It covers areas where local authorities can influence energy consumption in the long term (such as land use planning), encourage markets for energy efficient products and services (such as public procurement) as well as changes in consumption patterns, working with stakeholders and citizens. It should be noted that our baseline specifically excludes emissions from heavy industry.

A copy of our Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) was submitted to the EU on 31 October 2010.

For further information on the Covenant of Mayors initiative visit

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