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Planning forms and validation checklists

Please note: With effect from March 2012 the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has replaced previous national planning policy which has now been cancelled. Where reference is made in the Local Validation Checklist to Planning Policy Guidance Notes (PPGs) and Planning Policy Statements (PPSs) applicants should now refer to the relevant sections of the NPPF.


Householder planning application
Complete this form for Householder Applications for Planning Permission for extensions to single dwellings, domestic garages, altered accesses, boundary fences/walls, satellite dishes, but excluding the erection of new houses.

Householder Application Form
Guidance notes


 icon Householder CHECKLIST.pdf (89.21k)

Planning application
Complete this form for changes of use, commercial and detailed applications.

Full Planning Application Form
Guidance notes

 icon Full Planning CHECKLIST.pdf (93.96k)

Outline and Reserved Matters:

 icon Outline Application CHECKLIST.pdf (94.11k)

Listed Building Consent
Application forms for works, internal and/or external, affecting the special character of a Listed Building.

Listed Building Consent Application Form
Guidance notes

 icon Listed Building Consent CHECKLIST.pdf (95.04k)

Advertisement Consent
Application forms for consent to display an advertisement.

Advertisement Consent Application Form
Guidance notes

 icon Advertisement Consent CHECKLIST.pdf (84.51k)

Information leaflet: 'Outdoor advertisements and signs: A guide for advertisers'

Certificate of Lawfulness:

Planning application for Removal or Variation of Condition

Application Form for removal or variation of a condition
Guidance notes

 icon Variation of condition CHECKLIST.pdf (83.03k)

Application for a non-material amendment following grant of permission

Application Form for non-material amendment
Guidance notes
Note: Checklist can be found on the application form at Q9.

Application for Tree Works
(Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area)

Application Form for Tree Works
Guidance notes
Note: Checklist can be found on the application form at Q9.

Notice No. 1

If part or all of the application site is not in the ownership of the applicant you need to serve notice on the other owner(s). You can use the Notice No. 1 template available to download below, which must be completed with the relevant details, signed, dated and delivered to the relevant owner(s). Note that you must also complete Land Ownership Certificate B on the relevant application form indicating whom you have served notice on and when.

Please note if your planning application is for alterations to a domestic property, you should complete the Notice No. 1 Householder Application form which can be found with the planning application form and guidance notes above.

Notice No 1 Householder

Notice No 1

Notice No 2

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