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  • Vases (Graves):
    Permission for grave memorials, vases, additional inscriptions and temporary markers.

  • Vehicle Pollution:
    A major cause of poor air quality is vehicle exhaust emissions.

  • Verification Number:
    Each year in February councils have to publish a figure that is equal to 5% of the number of local electors in the area. This is the number of signatures needed to trigger a referendum for an elected Mayor.

  • Verminous / filthy premises:
    These include self contained flats, flatlets, 'bedsit' accommodation, shared houses, some bed and breakfast establishments, 'hostels', guesthouses and residential care homes. Minimum standards apply to these types of dwellings.

  • Volunteer:
    Karen Preston - Volunteer Coordination Officer - Tel: (01642) 496428

  • Voting:
    Details of the updating of the Electoral Register - the Annual Canvass, the Mayoral Referendum Figure and the next Council Elections.

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