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  • Laburnum Road Library:
    Information about Laburnum Road Library

  • Landlord Charter:
    The aim of the Landlord's Charter is to improve communication with the Private Rented Sector (PRS) and assist with improving housing stock in the borough while offering support and advice.

  • Landlord / tenant advice:
    These include self contained flats, flatlets, 'bedsit' accommodation, shared houses, some bed and breakfast establishments, 'hostels', guesthouses and residential care homes. Minimum standards apply to these types of dwellings.

  • Learning - Specialist Teaching Service:
    Specialist Teaching Service Learning

  • Leaving care:
    The remit of Target is to improve the life chances and opportunities of care leavers.

  • Leisure at the Heart:
    Leisure facilities at the Heart

  • Libraries:
    Information about Libraries in Redcar & Cleveland.

  • Licensing:
    Information about the work of the Licensing Section, and the new Licensing Laws.

  • Licensing Act 2003 - Statement of Policy:
    The Act replaces and consolidates earlier legislative controls on key areas of liquor and public entertainment licensing.

  • Light Pollution:
    Information about light pollution in Redcar & Cleveland

  • Listed Building Consent - application form:
    Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council are introducing 1APP with effect from 25 February 2008 and therefore, if submitting a planning application from this date, you should ensure you use the correct application form which will also include completion of the appropriate validation checklist containing all the necessary plans and documentation to validate your application.

  • Listed buildings:
    See 'Listed buildings'

  • Litter and street cleaning:
    Online form for reporting litter and street cleaning problems.

  • Local Access Forum:
    A new Forum providing an opportunity for representatives of users, landowners and other relevant bodies to advise the Council on matters relating to countryside access.

  • Local guidance for Councillors and Officers dealing with planning matters:
    Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council is publishing this local guidance which applies to any member (Councillor) or officer who deals with planning matters.

  • Local history and heritage:
    View the collection of historic local photos, also links to the local history collection at Redcar Reference Library.

  • Local Housing Allowance:
    Details of the Local Housing Allowance including how much you can get and how it is paid.

  • Local land searches:
    A Local Land Charges Search is part of the land and property conveyancing process. "Charges" refer to any outstanding financial claims, restrictions, decisions or information which may affect a particular property or parcel of land.

  • Local Offer:
    The Redcar and Cleveland ‘Local Offer’ is a new website within the Peoples Information Network which provides information, advice and guidance about the range of services available to children and young people with SEND and their families.

  • Local Plan:
    The Local Plan contains information about land use planning.

  • Local Sustainable Transport Fund:
    The Council has submitted a bid to the new Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

  • Local Transport Plan 2011-21:
    Information about transport planning can be found in the Local Transport Plan.

  • Lockwood Parish Council:
    Lockwood Parish Council

  • Loftus Leisure centre:
    Information about Lotus Leisure Centre

  • Loftus Library:
    Information about Loftus Library

  • Loftus Town Council:
    Loftus Town Council

  • Longbeck Industrial Estate:
    Longbeck is one of 19 Industrial Estates we have in the borough of Redcar and Cleveland

  • Looked After Children:
    Help and information about children in care

  • Lost Dogs:
    Through the Dog Warden service you are able to report lost or found dogs.

  • Love Your Neighbour:
    Information about the Love Your Neighbour campaign which aims to counteract racial tension and racial hate crime.

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