Extra visitor to Loftus Library

Published: 25th Jul 2012

Please note this is an archived Press Release

When Dave O'Brien, Librarian at Loftus Library invited pupils from the local Handale Primary School in to the library to make bird feeders from recycled plastic items, he was not expecting an extra guest.


Once the amazing bird feeders designed by the children were completed, they were placed outside the library window so that visitors could study the variety of birds attracted by the food. However a tiny Bank Vole was also attracted and it quickly learned to climb inside the feeders where it could eat the seeds and peanuts safely tucked away from predators.

Bank Voles are timid, fast moving, rarely seen creatures but this one is not at all shy! In fact the staff seem to have attracted four of them! Although Bank Voles are common in the UK it is very rare to be able to observe them on a regular basis and so close! The Voles, who have all been named Basil, are now a regular attraction appearing nearly every fifteen minutes and the children are visiting the library on a frequent basis just to catch sight of them!

This is becoming quite an attraction in the library and has been a great way to bring the countryside into the library. Not at all what was originally planned but children young and old, are enjoying the amazing scenes of wildlife right on their doorstep!

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