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Statutory Assessment

A Statutory Assessment is the procedure which is co-ordinated by your Local Authority (LA) who then follow a national Code of Practice which will help look at the best way to support and help your child.

The procedures cover 3 stages, these are: School Action, School Action Plus and Statutory Assessment.

A Statutory Assessment takes place when the Local Authority identifies a child with difficulties who may be in need of more help than their school can normally provide.

Statutory Assessment can take up to six months to complete.

To initiate a Statutory Assessment we need your consent.

The assessment involves the Local Authority gathering information and advice from those who have worked with a helped your child in the past.

During the assessment your child will see the Education Psychologist and School Doctor. Your consent will be required before any meeting takes place and you can be present.

The Local Authority must inform Social Care Department that an assessment has been initiated.

You are asked to fill in a Parental views form in which you can identify your child's difficulties and the sort of help you think he or she needs. Your child is also entitled to give their views.

When all the information on your child has been gathered and assessed a decision will be taken as to whether a 'Statement of Special Educational Needs' is written or a 'Note in Lieu'.

A 'Statement of Special Education Needs' will identify your child's area of need(s) and how those needs can be met.

A 'Note in Lieu' explains how the LA believes your child's needs can continue to be met with the resources available to the school.

The Proposed Statement

If the LA decide to issue a Statement of Special Educational Needs you will initially receive a Proposed/Draft Statement.

On receiving the Proposed Statement you have 15 days from that date to respond to the Local Authority by completing the enclosed form for parental comments.

If you have no objections to the Proposed Statement and everyone agrees on a school for your child to attend, a final statement will be issued.

If you have concerns or queries regarding the content of the Proposed Statement or wish to express a preference on the school you wish your child to attend, you should contact the Special Educational Needs Unit with the 15 days.

This process is called making representation.

A special Educational Needs officer from the Local Authority would be made available to discuss and representations.

A list of all Primary, Secondary and Special Schools within your Authority and a list of non-maintained/independent schools are available on request.

Your Local Authority will normally arrange Special Educational Needs provision within the Borough.

It at the conclusion of the special needs process the Local Authority serves on you a Statement which you disagree, you can further discuss your concerns with the following: Understanding Your Child's Statement of Special Educational Needs

A Statement of Special Educational Needs is a legal document.

It contains details of your child's special educational needs and how education services can best meet them.

A Statement of Special Educational Needs is set out in the following six parts:


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