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New Marske Primary School Governing Body
Welcome to the governors page for New Marske Primary School. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves, our roles and our aims.

We are:
A Governing Body who has fourteen governors, all of whom bring different skills to New Marske Primary. This consists of two parent, one Local Authority, one staff plus the Head Teacher and nine co-opted governors. Governors are volunteers who give their time and commitment to what we hope is a very rewarding role and experience. We are subject to an OFSTED inspection at the same time as the school and are rated in the same way that schools are.

Our aim:
To be an effective governing body in challenging and supporting the school so that weaknesses are tackled decisively and our statutory responsibilities are met.
The following statements hopefully will give you a flavour of how we endeavour to do this.

The Governing Body ....

has the capacity to meet the schools needs is influential in determining the strategic direction of the school are rigorous in ensuring that pupils and staff are safe and discharge their statutory duties effectively are fully and systematically involved in evaluating the school their relationships with staff are constructive and governors show determination in challenging and supporting the school in tackling weaknesses and so bringing about necessary improvements.
Have clear systems for seeking views of parents and pupils and mechanisms for acting on.

As you can see there is a great deal expected of all governing bodies which is why it is important that responsibilities are shared.

How do we achieve this?
The full Governing Body meets three times a year, once each term, but we also have two sub committees which both meet every half term.

These are:
The Resources Committee which deals mainly with finance, (budget setting, approval, planning and monitoring),
health and safety, safeguarding, premises maintenance, appointments/ staffing, performance management and pay review.

The Curriculum and Standards Committee which deals with monitoring and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan, pupils progress and attainment, curriculum related
policies and standards, target setting and extended services provision.

We also have a number of link governors. These are governors who have taken on extra responsibility and visit school during school hours. They meet with the Faculty co-ordinators throughout the year and occasionally observe lessons, accompanied by one of the SLT, related to their particular area of responsibility and report back to the
Full Governing Body each term.

There are a number of other committees but these only meet if required. We have responsibility for the parental questionnaire sent out in the Spring term.
Where possible we join in with the fun events too which take place throughout the year, Christmas time being the most special. I think the most important thing to mention is that we have a very committed governing body. We can all give varying degrees of our time due to work and family commitments but working as a team with everyone taking just a little bit extra responsibility makes us effective.

Throughout we are supported by the Local Authorities Governor Support Service who is there to offer help, advice and training when we need it.
For more information about becoming a school governor please contact the Chair of Governors via the school office.

Instrument of government: Community Schools for governing body constituted in accordance with the school governance (Constitution) (England) regulations 2012

1. The name of the school is: New Marske Primary School
2. The school is a community school
3. The name of the governing body is: The Governing Body of New Marske Primary School
4. The governing body shall consist of:
(a) 2parent governors
(b) 1 staff governor
(c) 1 LA governor
(d) 9 co-opted governors and,
(e) the Head Teacher
5. The total number of governors shall be 14
6. All categories of governor will have a term of office of four years
7. This instrument comes into effect on 1st April 2015
8. This instrument was made by order of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council on the day of 200 .
9. A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the head teacher if not a governor).

Governors Name Type of Governor Committee(s) Link governor Role
Mr John Dooris Head Teacher Resources
Curriculum & Standards
Mrs. Rachel. Cook Parent Curriculum and Standards
Mrs Alyson Harrison
Parent Resources
Performance Management
Mr Terry Jackson
Vice Chair
LA Curriculum & Standards (Chair)
Performance Management
School Improvement Plan Priority 2
Mrs Margaret Rafferty
Staff -SBM Resources Safeguarding
Mrs Yvonne Joy
Co-opted Resources (Chair)
Curriculum and Standards
Performance Management
Child Protection
School Improvement Plan Priority 1
Miss Emma Bateman Co-opted Curriculum and Standards School Improvement Plan Priority 2
Miss Sarah Hill
Co opted Curriculum
and Standards
Cllr Norah. Cooney Co-opted Resources
Pay Review
Looked After Children
School Improvement Plan Priority 3
Mrs Sarah. Clifford Co-opted Curriculum & Standards
Pay Review
School Improvement Plan Priority 1
Mr Michael Bateman Co-opted Resources
Pay Review
Health & Safety
Reverend Julie Smith Co-opted Curriculum & Standards
Mr Stan Glover Co-opted Resources
Pay Review
School Improvement Plan Priority 3
Mrs Rachel Wales Pending Appointment
Process for election of New Marske Primary Governors
  • Parent governors are normally elected by other parents of children registered at the school, but if posts cannot be filled through this route the governing body may make the appointment.
  • Staff governors are elected by other staff employed at the school
  • Local authority governors are nominated by Redcar & Cleveland Borough council and appointed by the governing body
  • Co-opted governors are appointed by the governing body.

Term of Office
  • Four years from date of appointment, then re-elected or re-appointed as appropriate in line with the above election process


YJ June 2015 membership updated


(Established 9 May 2007)

Chair Mrs Yvonne Joy Head Teacher _ Mr J Dooris
Cllr Norah Cooney Mrs Peggy Rafferty (SBM)
Mr Michael Bateman
Mrs Alyson Harrison
Mr Stan Glover
Chair of Committee: Y. Joy
Clerk to Committee To be agreed at each meeting and not to be Chair or Head teacher 3 meetings clerked by LA clerk
Quorum: 3
Remit: revised October 2009
Membership : updated June 2015

Remit for Finance & Staffing:
· to approve the budget, monitor the school's income, expenditure and projected outturn figures, comparing these against budget estimates , ensure that expenditure does not exceed the funding available and to take remedial action where necessary

· to monitor the application of Fair Funding Policies and Practices.
· to monitor and approve virements within agreed limits (the Head Teacher to have delegated responsibility to vire up to £7500 on his own or up to £10,000 with approval from the Chair of Governors. Any amount over £10,000 to be approved by the Finance and Staffing Committee).
· liaise with the Curriculum Committee and the full Governing Body over matters relating to the School Improvement and Development Plan.
· to contribute towards the School Improvement and Development plan, providing financial plans covering at least three years.
· to review written descriptions of the financial systems and procedures annually.
· to ensure that all necessary insurance is in place.
· to ensure value for money in purchasing.
· to report regularly to the Governing Body on financial matters, giving up-to-date and accurate information.
· to monitor staff appointments and liaise with the Pay Committee to consider its recommendations on staff salaries and wages.
· to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Financial Management Standard in Schools
· to ensure adherence to the requirements of the School Funding Framework, Councils Procurement Regulations and EU Procurement Regulations
· to ensure that the Governing Body complies with Data Protection and Freedom of Information requirements.
· to determine the staffing structure including managerial responsibility points, levels and annual teaching staff establishment.
· to determine the number of deployment posts above the basic level.
· to determine the grades of non-teaching staff.
· to be responsible for the review / approval of policies and documents in accordance with the schools review schedule, including
- Charging Policy
- Complaints
- Community Cohesion
- Disability / Discrimination
- Equal Opportunities
- Grievances Procedures
- Pay Policy
- Scheme of Delegation and Financial Control
- Staff Discipline
· To monitor staff development, including the induction of new staff

Remit for Premises /Health and Safety

· to consider, within the constraints of the budget and current legislation, all matters in relation to Premises and Health and Safety.
· to prepare a Health and Safety report to be attached to the Head Teacher's Report for inclusion in the termly Governing Body meeting papers.
· To be responsible for reviewing / approving policies and documents in accordance with the schools review schedule:
Curriculum and Standards Committee

Mr Terry Jackson - chair John Dooris head teacher
Mrs Rachel Cook Miss Sarah Hill - deputy head teacher
Miss Emma Bateman
Mrs Yvonne Joy - Clerk
Mrs Sarah Clifford
Revd. Julie Smith
Chair of Committee: Terry Jackson
Clerk to Committee To be agreed in the autumn term and not to be the Chair or Head Teacher
Quorum: 3
Remit: - revised October 2009
Membership updated June 2015
· in collaboration with the staff to provide information about how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced.
· to ensure information concerning the above is published in the School Profile and the School Prospectus.
· to ensure that the requirements of children with special educational needs are met.
· to determine attendance and performance targets for the school in consultation with staff and in accordance with statutory requirements.
§ to ensure appropriate action is taken on issues arising from the Head Teacher's Report regarding agreed targets.
§ to monitor implementation of the School Improvement and Development Plan/Action Plan in the area of raising standards and improving performance and to report progress to the Governing Body.
· to be responsible for the review / approval of policies and documents in accordance with the schools review schedule
· To review all of the schools policies in the light of disability and gender equality requirements
· To review evidence that the school is meeting its duty to promote community cohesion
· To make recommendations to the governing body about general principles on school discipline
Document and Policy Review

· To agree, monitor and review the following documents and policy statements:

Frequency of Review
Home School Agreement Annually
School Prospectus Annually
School Profile Annually
Assessment Policy Annually

Curriculum Link Governors

SIP Priority 1 Mrs Y Joy / Mrs S Clifford
SIP Priority 2 Mr T Jackson / Miss E Bateman
SIP Priority 3 Stan Glover / Cllr N Cooney
SIP Priority 4 Mrs P Rafferty / Y Joy
Looked After Children Governor Cllr N Cooney
SEND Mrs Sarah Clifford
ECO/Sustainable Schools Governor Mrs P Rafferty
Safeguarding Mrs A Harrison & Mrs P Rafferty
Tracking & Monitoring Mr T Jackson
Health & Safety Mr M Bateman
Child Protection Chair of Governors

Governors trained in Safer Recruitment Mrs P Rafferty, Mrs A Harrison Mrs Y Joy, Cllr N Cooney
Pupil Discipline Committee
3 non-staff governors to be selected by the Chair, as and when required
Quorum: 3
Remit: (revised October 2009)
· To determine matters relating to pupil exclusions, including permanent exclusions.
Performance Appraisal Committee
Mrs Yvonne Joy
Mr Terry Jackson
Mrs Alyson Harrison
Quorum: 2
Remit: (revised October 2009)
Membership Reviewed November 2013
To ensure implementation of the Performance Management Policy and to be responsible for the Performance Management Review of the Head Teacher, including the following:
· to agree with the School Improvement Partner a timescale for planning meetings and the review meeting itself
· to ensure that the school documentation required by the School Improvement Partner is supplied
· to undertake the performance review of the Head Teacher and agree objectives for the year
· to monitor objectives during the year
· to review objectives at the end of the year, producing a written statement on the Head Teachers performance
Pay Review Committee

Remit: (revised October 2009)
Quorum 3
Mrs Sarah Clifford
Mr Michael Bateman
Cllr Norah Cooney
Mr Stan Glover
· to implement, monitor and review the Pay Policy for all staff and ensure compliance with statutory provisions for both teaching and non-teaching staff
· to make arrangements for the Pay Policy to be published and available under the agreed Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
· to undertake an annual review of all teaching staff salaries, including those of the Head and Deputy Head Teacher, in accordance with legal requirements, after the Head Teachers performance management review
· to ensure each member of staff is provided with a written statement confirming his/her salary with effect from 1st September each year and to ensure that all staff are informed of the procedures for presenting individual cases to the Pay Review Committee and for submitting any subsequent appeals to the Staffing Appeals Committee
· to undertake a review of the school group and ISR at each annual salary review for the Head and Deputy Head Teacher
· to report all decisions on pay to the Governing Body.
· to ensure that procedures required by The (School Government) Regulations are complied with, especially with regard to agenda and minutes.
· to ensure that detailed records are kept of all matters and minutes relating to pay.
· to review the rate of payment for out of school hours learning activity work carried out by teaching and support staff, where applicable, on an annual basis
· to be accountable for decisions taken on matters of pay
Staff dismissal /redundancy procedures
At a meeting of the governing body in Spring 2006, the Head Teacher was given delegated power to make decisions, with support from the Chair, on redundancy and early retirement. At the Governing Body meeting held in March 2007, governors extended this delegation further to include initial decisions on the dismissal of staff outside of the leadership group under disciplinary and capability procedures.
Staff Hearing Committee
3 governors to be selected from the membership of the full governing body by the Chair of Governors, with the exception of any governors paid to work at the school.
Quorum: 3
· To hear cases under disciplinary and capability procedures where the member of staff in question is the Head Teacher or another member of the Leadership Group and to determine an appropriate course of action, which may include dismissal.
· To hear cases under disciplinary or capability procedures for members of staff outside the Leadership Group in cases where the Head Teacher has prior involvement in the investigation and cannot, therefore, lead the hearing stage.
· To make decisions in relation to redundancy and early retirement where the member of staff in question is the Head Teacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.
· To hear any grievance against the Head Teacher at Stage 2 of the grievance procedure (The Chair of Governors would deal with such a grievance at Stage 1 of the process)
Staff Appeals Committee
3 governors to be selected from the membership of the full governing body by the Chair of Governors, with the exception of any governors paid to work at the school.
Quorum: 3
Remit: To hear any staffing appeals, including:
· Appeals under disciplinary, capability, redundancy, early retirement or grievance procedures
· Appeals against pay decisions, in accordance with the schools Pay Policy
· Appeals under performance management procedures, including any appeal from the Head Teacher. (Performance management appeals are dealt with under the grievance procedure)


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