New Marske Primary School

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New Marske Primary School

New Marske Primary
New Marske Primary School aspires to provide a safe learning environment in which everyone feels a sense of belonging. Learners are encouraged to have high expectations for endeavour and are helped to develop the skills and qualities to succeed in their learning journey.

Core Aims and Values

  • To encourage and support everyone to believe in their ability to succeed.
  • To provide a safe environment in which everyone is able to learn.
  • To develop an inclusive, welcoming community in which everyone belongs.
  • To help learners to become independent and take responsibility for their learning.
  • To create a learning community in which relationships are unconditionally positive, respectful and genuine.
  • To provide a carefully planned, balanced and differentiated curriculum.
  • To inspire learners to be risk taking, resilient and resourceful.
  • To have fun when learning.
  • To recognise, value and develop individual strengths and aptitudes.
  • To instil a lifelong love of learning.
  • To develop positive and effective partnerships with all stakeholders and the wider community.
  • To encourage all learners to have high expectations for economic success and well being.