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Redcar & Cleveland Borough Councils is committed to listening and learning from the views of local people. We have an inclusive approach, to involving the people of Redcar & Cleveland in our decision making. The council is committed through its key priorities to engage, consult and involve local people to help achieve its vision.

Your views on how services are provided are important to us. Through out the year we will ask what you think about the Council and the way we deliver services across Redcar & Cleveland. We will provide feedback on the results of consultation, and will let you know the findings and what action we have taken as a result.

The Council has signed up to the Redcar & Cleveland Compact

Get involved

You can play a more active role in influencing council decisions and service improvements in the following ways:


Viewfinder: Redcar & Cleveland's Citizens' Panel

Viewfinder is Redcar & Cleveland Borough Councils Citizens Panel. The idea behind Viewfinder is simple. Organisations that provide services throughout the borough are making decisions and spending public money in a way that affects everyone. Viewfinder provides an opportunity for people living in the borough to influence their thinking, decision-making and the way they spend your money.

The panel is made up of around 1600 residents who have been selected at random to form Viewfinder. The residents are all from different neighbourhoods, age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Every few months, Viewfinder panel members are asked to complete questionnaires about important issues in the borough. The list of topics is endless and can be about anything that affects the lives of the majority of citizens, ranging from service provision to quality of life issues.

We would like to thank all those residents who have agreed to be Viewfinder panel members and look forward to working together with you in the future.

New Members:

We are always looking for new residents to join the Viewfinder Panel. To become a new member of the panel, please complete the following form:

New Member Form

Existing members:

In Autumn 2014 we have been refreshing the Viewfinder Panel, please complete the following form to re-register your interest in continuing to be a Viewfinder Panel Member

Existing Members Form

For more information on the Viewfinder Panel please email or call the Corporate Research and Intelligence Team on 01642 444515. You can leave the panel at anytime if you would like to cease being a member please email or ring 01642 444515

Join Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council's Online Panel

Do you want to be involved in decision making processes? Do you want to have your say on local issues, then join Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council's Online Panel . We will send you an email alert when a new consultation is launched, and you can be asked to be removed when ever you like. To find out more please contact or telephone 01642 444515.

You can also follow and receive updates about our consultations and other council activity by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Current Consultations

CONSULTATION: Redcar and Cleveland Health and Wellbeing Board Draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

As you may be aware, each Health and Well Being Board (HWB) has a statutory duty to review the existing PNA inherited from the Primary Care Trust (PCT) and publish a new Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) by 1 April 2015. A PNA is the statement of need for pharmaceutical services.

The PNA is a key tool for identifying what is needed at a local level to support NHS England in their statutory management of the Pharmaceutical List and in relation to commissioning intentions for pharmaceutical services that could be delivered by community pharmacies and other providers.

You will find a link below to the draft PNA for Redcar and Cleveland Health and Well Being Board. We welcome your views as part of the public consultation process on this Needs Assessment.

 icon  RCBC PNA for consultation Nov 14.pdf (5.15Mb)
Last modified: 21/11/2014 17:11:24

Having read the document, responses may be provided via the on-line questionnaire which must be completed by 22nd January 2015.

Link to response form:

 icon RCBC-HWB PNA Feedback Form.pdf (200.04k)
Last modified: 19/11/2014 16:43:23

Alternatively please email If you have any questions regarding the PNA or submitting a response please contact Kathryn Murray on 01642 771751.

Broadband State Aid Consultation

The Digital Durham Broadband Roll Out includes 10 Local Authority Partners, including Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council. All the Councils in the Programme area are working together to improve access to broadband services in areas which would otherwise miss out.

Previous Consultations

We Need Your Views on Adult Weight Loss Services

Middlesbrough Council and Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council currently commission South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to deliver a community weight management programme for adults. These are delivered in community venues at a variety of times.

We are seeking views on how a future healthy weight service will best fit the needs of local people and their families.

This survey is now closed

 icon Adult weight loss Survey.pdf (196.44k)
Last modified: 04/08/2014 16:24:49

Closing Date: Monday 25thAugust 2014.

What do you think about pharmacy services in your area?

We need your views

It is very important for us to understand patient experience and public views of pharmacy services. Completing this survey will help us to do that. Later in the year there will also be a full consultation on the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments when patients and the public will be able to contribute again.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey it will help us understand where pharmacy services are good and if there are any areas that could be improved.

This survey is now closed

Closing Date: 1st August 2014

Skelton Civic Hub

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council would like to bring together a number of services to create a new civic hub in Skelton (a hub brings together functions and services under one roof). The council is proposing to develop Skelton civic hall into a civic hub, providing improved customer access and information for residents, visitors and businesses.

The proposal includes moving the current library facility into Skelton civic hall along with a number of other community services to provide a community civic hub. It will provide a diverse range of services and functions from a single location.

To have your say complete the following questionnaire.

This survey is now closed
Closing Date: Friday 15th August 2014

Guisborough Community Arts Facility Consultation

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council are responding to a groundswell of support for a community arts facility to be provided in Guisborough. We think this facility would offer a full programme of professional, high quality cultural entertainment including theatre, music, comedy, drama, dance, spoken word, and film.

We therefore need your views on what sort of facility and activities you would like to see and how these would be used.

This consultation is now closed


Redcar & Cleveland Residents' Survey 2012 Thank you to all our residents who took part in the Residents' Survey. The results of the Survey can be found below:

Resident's Survey 2012

* Link will open in a pop-up window

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