May 2011 Election Results

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The results of the 2011 Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council elections are as follows:
  • Labour 30 seats
  • Labour & Co-operative Party 2 seats
  • Liberal Democrats 16 seats
  • Conservative 6 seats
  • East Cleveland Independents 3 seats
  • Independents 2 seats
The turn-out was 42.01 per cent.

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Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
AGAR Don Conservative 508
HOGG Brian Labour 776 Elected
HUNT Barry East Cleveland Independent 679 Elected
MILLER Valerie Liberal Democrats 295
RUDLAND Doreen Labour 620 Elected
RUDLAND Richard Labour 614
WALKER Kay East Cleveland Independent 547
Turnout was 37.42%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
ARDRON Ray Labour 511
CRAWFORD Josie Liberal Democrats 645 Elected
CURR Irene Liberal Democrats 599 Elected
DADD Stewart Ian Conservative 160
LEAROYD David Labour 420
Turnout was 34.26%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
BAIN Frances Elizabeth Conservative 182
BENDELOW Neil Labour 763
EARL John Liberal Democrats 856 Elected
GODDARD Ray Labour 912 Elected
HOWDEN Eric Liberal Democrats 917 Elected
JONES Lawrence Liberal Democrats 849
TAYLOR John Labour 821
Turnout was 39.77%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
GOLDSWAIN Steven Labour 926 Elected
HADFIELD Helen Liberal Democrats 94
HIGGINS Ann Eston Independant 923
HUGHES-MUNDY Brian Conservative 128
JOY Yvonne Liberal Democrates 70
LEGGETT Gail Liberal Democrats 80
MASSEY Christopher Labour 965 Elected
MCPHERSON Geoff Eston Independent 815
PETERS Olwyn Doreen Labour 1038 Elected
SMITH Vincent Eston Independent 806
Turnout was 38.77%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
ABBOTT Debbie Liberal Democrats 88
DRAPER Angela Liberal Democrats 86
DUNLOP Peter Labour 532 Elected
GRAINGER Elizabeth Conservative 44
PALLISTER Lynn Labour 575 Elected
Turnout was 23.06%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
BUNN Denise Georgina Labour 1383 Elected
CLARKE Bill Conservative 1136
KEENAN Joe Labour 1338 Elected
LANGLEY Derrick Conservative 907
SUTHERS Bill Labour 1297 Elected
THOMAS Anthony Liberal Democrats 295
TINSLEY George Conservative 729
Turnout was 44.38%

Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
HALTON Valerie Conservative 1532 Elected
HOLYOAKE Shelagh Labour 940
JEFFERY Graham William Conservative 1562 Elected
KIDD Graeme Liberal Democrats 672
PEROZNEJAD Ramin Labour 717
SMITH Dominic Labour 622
SPENCER Peter Gavin Elliot Conservative 1367 Elected
Turnout was 49.86%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
CAVE Theresa Liberal Democrats 576
FORSTER Brenda Labour 768 Elected
HANNON John Independent 650
HANNON Mark Labour 777 Elected
HASSAN John Howey Conservative 295
QUIGLEY Dale Labour 689 Elected
SHEPERIA Ben Independent 506
WAITE Debi Liberal Democrats 520
WAITE Rod Liberal Democrats 472
Turnout was 39.17%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
DADD Gillian Conservative 43
KAY Steve East Cleveland Independent 742 Elected
WAISTELL Jamie Labour 52
Turnout was 53.96%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
BELL Linda Independent 620
DADD Mary Margaret Conservative 259
DAVIES Wayne Independent 404
FITZPATRICK Dave Loftus Ward Independent 684 Elected
GREENING Allan Independent 517
JACKSON Eric Labour 983 Elected
LANIGAN Mary Independent 668 Elected
MARVELL Jim Labour 429
MCGILL James Labour 620
Turnout was 43.03%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
COONEY Norah Conservative 776 Elected
HEDGES Tom Labour 717
JEFFRIES Vic Labour 769 Elected
MOODY John Arthur Conservative 570
MOODY Vera Ellen Conservative 583
REYER Victoria Louise Liberal Democrats 815 Elected
SELMER George Liberal Democrats 748
SEWELL Denis Labour 694
WHEATCROFT Thomas Liberal Democrats 643
WILKINSON Johnny Independent 343
Turnout was 44.69%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
ABBOTT Chris Liberal Democrats 781 Elected
ABBOTT Glynis Liberal Democrats 733 Elected
BROWN James Labour 393
STOREY Peter Bernard Conservative 100
WILKINSON Alan Labour 442
Turnout was 40.45%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
ABBOTT Steven Liberal Democrats 580
AYRE Billy Labour 951 Elected
CROUCHER Ann Conservative 251
KING Nigel Normanby Independent 635
MCINNES Paul Normanby Independent 597
MEIR Toni Marie Liberal Democrats 607
SIMMS Carole Labour 822 Elected
SPENCE Gaynor Normanby Independent 609
TUCKER Rob Liberal Democrats 545
WALL Wendy A Labour 852 Elected
Turnout was 42.10%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
DUNNING Beryl Labour 657
GIBSON Richard Michael Conservative 249
MIDGLEY Robert Labour 579
NIGHTINGALE Glyn Liberal Democrats 1090 Elected
NIGHTINGALE Irene Liberal Democrats 1031 Elected
PICKTHALL Valerie Labour 601
WILSON Ann Liberal Democrats 947 Elected
Turnout was 42.09%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
CARR Sarah Liberal Democrats 216
DICK Michael Labour 457
GUY Joan Mavis Labour 718 Elected
HAMMOND Cyril Morgan Labour 595
HUTCHINSON Louise Liberal Democrats 88
LILLEKER Harry Conservative 682
ROBINSON John Robert Conservative 603
SELMER Rebecca Liberal Democrats 97
SMITH Stuart Michael Independent 1235 Elected
THOMSON Philip Gordon Conservative 962 Elected
WINGHAM Jim Independent 457
Turnout was 49.91%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
BRIGGS Brian Labour 1238 Elected
CARROLLE James Conservative 718
CARTER Judith Frances Liberal Democrats 312
LUNDQVIST David Liberal Democrats 269
MCLUCKIE Dave Labour 921 Elected
MCLUCKIE Helen Labour 876 Elected
MORRIS Norma Liberal Democrats 248
WATTS Mark Conservative 657
Turnout was 37.59%

South Bank

Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
BASSOUS Johnny South Bank Independent 298
BENJELLOUN Maureen Liberal Democrats 220
DADD Sarah Conservative 94
JEFFREY Ian Chalmers Labour 846 Elected
JEFFREY Janet Liberal Democrats 300
JEFFREY Sue Labour 791 Elected
MARSTON Sean South Bank Independent 346
SADIQ Oz Liberal Democrats 215
SMITH Sandra South Bank Independent 370
SZINTAI Sylvia Labour 697 Elected
Turn out was 31.20%

St. Germains

Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
BELL Jennifer Conservative 359
COOPER James Independent 547
LEAROYD Tristan Labour and Co-operative 1263 Elected
MARSHALL Marilyn Labour and Co-operative 991
MOSES Madge Liberal Democrats 1054 Elected
PRYCE Sean Labour and Co-operative 1001 Elected
RIGG Lisa Liberal Democrats 998
WILSON Margaret Liberal Democrats 921
Turnout was 53.50%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
CLARKE Sheelagh Labour 1219 Elected
DUNNING George Labour 1170 Elected
FISHER Dave Teesville Independent 803
GILBY Andrew Conservative 174
HIGGINS Jim Teesville Independent 798
HUTCHINSON Jean Liberal Democrats 143
PICKTHALL Norman Labour 1046 Elected
PLUMMER Ann Liberal Democrats 127
SEAMAN Kelly Liberal Democrats 102
TURNER Pat Teesville Independent 736
Turnout was 43.65%

West Dyke

Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
BELL Stuart Thomas Conservative 387
CARLING Mike Liberal Democrats 1550 Elected
ELLIOTT Adrian Labour 707
HAWKINS John Labour 622
HELM Kay Liberal Democrats 1371 Elected
LEAROYD Catherine Labour 617
OVENS Mary Liberal Democrats 1422 Elected
THIRLWALL Jane Independent 271
Turnout was 44.21%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
BURNS Mary Labour 659
GRIFFITHS Malcolm Conservative 607
JEFFERY Carole Ann Conservative 684 Elected
MASON Josh David Liberal Democrats 224
WILLIAMS David Labour 744 Elected
Turnout was 43.51%


Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes
BATEMAN Michael Conservative 216
CHISHOLM Philip Conservative 238
ELLIOTT Celia Labour 578
HARRISON Ron Liberal Democrats 787 Elected
HENSBY Norma Labour 548
ROGERS Jim Liberal Democrats 816 Elected
Turnout was 47.97%

Parish Council Election Results
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