Your Pledges

Resident - Briony Fox
I pledge to undertake litter picks in the Rosecroft Lane area of Loftus.
Telephone: 07850097110

Resident - Anthea Over
I pledge to pick up litter several times a week and every now and then and to clear the beck at the end of Wilson Street once in a while. I will do anything else that I am capable of to help the environment here in Guisborough and the community generally.
Telephone: 07122714666

Resident - Leigh Nicholson
I pledge to collect and recycle as much plastic from the South Gare area once a week.
Telephone: 07801959276

Resident - Anne-Marie Hardy
I pledge to attend the monthly KICAS beach cleans with my granddaughter as often as possible.
Telephone: 07792719206

Resident - John Tarling
I pledge to speak with members of the public who visit the South Gare lighthouse area about littering and fly tipping to help make a difference in the area and get the word out about clearing up the area.
Telephone: 07725415169

Resident - Peter Flounders
I pledge to pick litter off the beach at Skinningrove. I go every other day and take a bag with me - I recently moved to Skinningrove and wanted to help in some sort of conservation, helping the environment, as well as keeping the beach looking beautiful.

Resident - Kay Francis
I pledge to pick up litter on Skinningrove Beach with my fellow dog walkers at least twice a month.
Telephone: 01287 640718

Residents - Jayne and Mark Breeze
We pledge to help and maintain the up keep of our patch of paradise. Skelton community pond is an area that we feel very strongly about. The wildlife needs our protection and care. We intend to work along side other members in our community and council to ensure that this oasis of beauty is enjoyed and respected by all. Clearing, Planting, Mowing and Feeding the bird life are our main rolls. We will also be supporting others that may wish to be involved in community groups within this sight eg the wildlife trust. We intend to succeed.
Telephone: 01287 653894

Handale Primary
We pledge to look after our local area to try to keep it free of litter and look after our local beaches and countryside.
Telephone: 01287 640416

Highcliff Primary School
We pledge to keep our community tidy and looking great by litter picking in the areas in and around our school.
Telephone: 01287 632293

Laurence Jackson School
Students from Laurence Jackson School will continue litter picking along the Applegarth, Guisborough, as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteering section.
Contact: Mr Wyke
Telephone: 01287 636361

Loftus Town Council
We pledge to:
Continue to support local groups and organisations to maintain and enhance the local area.
Continue to maintain flower beds outside Loftus Town Hall, and to work in partnership with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council to provide bedding plants at Loftus, Easington, Carlin How and Skinningrove War Memorials.
Continue to operate public toilets in Lotus and, from 2017. extend this provision to Skinningrove.
Continue to organise and support events which raise awareness of the heritage of the area, and encourage residents and visitors to appreciate the beauty of the East Cleveland countryside.

Coatham Lodge
We pledge to keep the area around our retirement housing scheme litter free with regular litter picks by the tenants.

Kidz Konnekt
We pledge to carry out litter picks around our youth clubs and local area in Grangetown, South Bank and Whale Hill once a term.

Keeping It A Clean Saltburn KICA
KICA are a voluntary group that does something about it for our beach, wildlife and environment. We pledge to undertake beach cleans on Saltburn Beach and put in place some 2 minutes beach clean stations on Saltburn's lower promenade in order to encourage others to join in.
Contact: Barbara Helen
Telephone: 07875611192

Resident - Margaret Buckle
I pledge to continue to maintain the environment of Guisborough by tending the area and being watchful of those who don't appreciate what we have.

Chaloner Primary School
Chaloner Primary School pledge to clean up the school grounds and surrounding areas for the Great British Spring Clean on Friday 3rd March.
Contact: Chaloner Primary School
Telephone: 01287 635728

Skelton and Brotton Parish Council
Skelton and Brotton Parish Council pledge to continue to support the local groups and organisations to maintain and enhance the local area.
Contact: 01287 612356

Northern Railway
We pledge to make our railway stations more welcoming.
Contact: Marie Addison

Carillion PLC
To support South Bank Community in Bloom by providing plants and people to get involved.

Resident - Kevin Conway
I pledge to maintain and keep the area in front of the Sun Centre, Ormesby, clean.

Resident - Marjorie Magor
I pledge to work alongside the Friends of Loftus Cemetery to care for the cemetery and help with other environmental issues.

Inshore Fisheries
Adopt and maintain the land to the front of Inshore Fisheries on Todd Point Road.

Resident - Arthur Merser
I pledge to clear front of my house and local grass area in Overfields. I shall encourage local residents to recycle.

Resident - Ron Day
I pledge to continue to keep our cul-de-sac free of litter, Springhill Spencerbeck Ormesby

UK dry cleaners
Carry on litter picking and keep clean the West Terrace opposite the clock and do litter picking with FRED

Amanda Skelton - Chief Executive Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
I pledge to tidy up the flower bed besides the bus stop in Newton under Roseberry

Tesco Middlesbrough distribution centre
To improve the environment in Grangetown

Tees valley wildlife trust

Protect our local environment through practical conservation and education to all generations.

Sabic UK

Encourage/arrange our employees to volunteer on beach cleaning activities
Provide equipment to assist with beach cleaning activities
Undertake education initiatives with school children on litter/recycling

River Tees rediscovered
We at River Tees Rediscovered pledge to continue to promote the green and wild spaces of Redcar and to develop links to these spaces for current and future generations


To support, promote and develop volunteering and the voluntary sector in Redcar and Cleveland.
Contact: Heather Whyman

Telephone: 01642-440571

PD ports

Continue with our commitment to the areas young people by collaborating with our co-founded charity, The High Tide Foundation along with like-minded businesses and educational facilities to deliver insightful and inspiring work experience that captures young peoples imaginations whilst encouraging them to build a career here in the North-east.

Northumbrian Water
We pledge to support our local community with volunteers from the Northumbrian Water Bran Sands team through our community engagement initiative

Normanby community forum
I pledge to keep in front of my house clean, plant and care for the planters on Normanby Road near my house, pick up litter when I see it. Maintain the substation garden, the Wildlife Garden, the Community Garden and help with the area opposite the Poverina. So long as I am able.
Contact: Dave Bell

Telephone: 07733 480355

New Marske in bloom
Pledge to tend to tubs and planters in New Marske

Marske litter action
To undertake one litter pick each month around the village or beach

Marske in bloom
To make Marske brighter by planting and tending tubs, barrier baskets and borders
Contact: Jennifer Jones

McDonalds, Redcar retail park & Eston
Continue our working relationship with Friends of Zetland park
Commit to working in relationship with groups in the Eston area
Scott Williams, assistant manager

Loftus accord walking group
Loftus accord walking group pledge to carry out a beach litter pick at Skinningrove on 2 August 2016 and to help maintain our local footpaths to encourage walkers in our area.
Paul Turner

Liverton village hall
We pledge to work as a group to ensure the residents of our village always have something to look forward to. We offer a safe environment where they can be together and have fun, where they are encouraged, valued and celebrated.
Denise Nesbitt (unable to attend launch)

Telephone: 01287 644932

The GREAT group
We pledge to continue to make improvements to Ingot Park Grangetown and make Grangetown a brighter & more colourful place to live.
Jeff Yates, Rachel Earrey

Telephone:07874 226462

Friends of Saltburn cemetery
Pledge to litter pick cemetery 31 July 2016 and to enhance cemetery.
Contact: Tracy Ingleby

Friends of St Germains churchyard
Pledge to tend graves and walls and enhance churchyard

Friends of Redcar beach action (FRED)
I, as a member of FRED will on occasion, partake in organised litter picks every first Sunday each month on Redcar beach, weather permitting.

I will, on occasion, carry out and record, random and sporadic independent litter picks while beach walking of my own volition, where there are available cabinets enroute providing picking equipment, recording materials and where a key has been allocated.

I shall help to maintain cabinets by ensuring that the appropriate equipment is recirculated, fit for purpose and that the cabinets are locked and any damage reported.
Contact: Councillor Alec Brown, vice chair 07796 486205/ Councillor Carl Quartermain, chair 07796 485836

East Cleveland crows
We pledge to work together to share ideas, projects and resources across the villages of East Cleveland.
Denise Nesbitt -

Coastal View and Moor News
We pledge to continue to support local community groups by giving help to promote and publicise.
Contact: Lynne & Steve Nicholls -

Building bridges
To continue to enhance Saltburn library gardens.
Contact: Maria Beevers Email:

Brotton Improvement Group
BIG pledge to continue to look after planters in Brotton, carry out litter picks and environmental works to improve the village. The group are hoping to assist Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council with installation of badger carvings to improve village entrances.
Contact: Liz Sharp -

Liverton Village Hall Management committee
We pledge to work as a group to ensure the residents of our village always have something to look forward to. We offer a safe environment where they can be together and have fun, where they are encouraged, valued and celebrated.

Tees valley rural community council
pledges to continue to assist and encourage the rural communities in Redcar & Cleveland to enhance their facilities and surroundings and working together to make a difference to our environment

Residents: Graham Moore and Sieglinde Moore (SIGI)

Look after and care for the piece of council land outside my property on the corner of Tennyson Avenue and Griffiths Road.
We will cherish it and treat it as if it was our own (which we already do now)
People have already commented on how much better it looks now since we have been picking the litter up on a daily basis etc.

Coast & Country Housing
We pledge to maintain over one million square metres of Coast & Country owned land, including 50,000 square metres of shrub beds and 27,000 trees to make a big difference to our environment.

Groundwork NE & Cumbria
To continue to deliver environmental regeneration projects across Redcar & Cleveland.

Friends of Redcar Cemetery
Dorothy Ahmed: My pledge would be to keep on going with the Friends of Redcar Cemetery because after 10 years it is tricky to keep the momentum up, so my pledge is to do this for another 10 years.

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
We pledge to share assets with residents to find ways to create positive changes in the environment where they live

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