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School Prospectus

Welcome to Lakes Primary School. We aim to work in partnership with you and your children to ensure that you are happy and secure in the knowledge that your child will make good progress in a stimulating, and welcoming environment.

Lakes Primary School was opened in 1963 and we are proud of our tradition of serving the children and families of Redcar. We aim to provide an education of the highest standard for all children.

Lakes School staff are involved in many initiatives that are designed to promote high standards of achievement. They promote excellent teaching, motivated learners, effective use of ICT to enhance learning, high standards of behaviour and respect for others, regular attendance at school, a developed and engaging curriculum, the promotion of financial education, community involvement, healthy lifestyles, extended provision for children beyond the normal school day and much more.

I hope that you enjoy reading about Lakes Primary School (in the attached prospectus). The purpose of this prospectus is to inform you about the systems that are in place to ensure safety and security for all those on the school site and how the school works to achieve its stated aims. We regularly consult parents and children to evaluate what we are doing and to inform our planning for school improvement. The voice of the children is represented by the School Council, whilst parents may also become Governors.

To view the full prospectus, click on the link below.

Mrs J Madden
Head Teacher