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All Children are provided with the opportunity to explore and develop their own ideas through music. The teaching of music is based on three elements: Listening, Composing and Performing. Participation and enjoyment play an important part of the musical curriculum. From an early age children participate in a wide variety of musical appreciation from our own and other cultures.

A Peripatetic music teacher of the violin is in school each week to teach groups of KS2 children. The peripatetic music teacher carries out aptitude tests to identify children who have the potential to do well. Parental support (eg making sure that children regularly practice the instrument) is also very important.

We invite adult musicians into school to perform as this helps to further each childs understanding and appreciation of different instruments and the beauty of a 'live' performance. There are also regular enrichment activities such as percussion workshops and class music activities led or supported by Tees Valley Music Service.