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Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities

At Lakes Primary School we have a number of Extra Curricular Activities ongoing throughout the year.
These may change as the seasons dictate but some current clubs running are shown below.

A useful link for information and to keep up to date with sporting activities within schools is the 'School Sports Partnership' and can be found at the following address; http://www.redcar-estonssp.co.uk/

Monday Lunchtime
  • Homework KS2
  • Athletics KS2 *

Tuesday Lunchtime
  • Homework KS2
  • Basketball KS2 *

Tuesday 3.15pm-4.15pm
  • Football KS2 ***
  • Netball Years 5/6
  • Eco Club Rec-Year 6
  • Computer Years 5/6

Wednesday Lunchtime
  • Games Workshop KS2
  • Reading KS2
  • MultiSkills KS2 *

Wednesday 3.15pm-4.15pm
  • Gymnastics Years 3/4 **
  • Football KS1 ***
  • Singing KS2
  • SAT's Booster Year 6
Thursday lunchtime
  • Mathletics Year 6
  • Tag Rugby KS2 *
Thursday 3.15pm-4.15pm
  • Crafty Critters KS1

Friday lunch time
  • Mathletics Year 5
  • Dance KS2 *

* These clubs are ran by Simon Carson Sports School (SCSS)
** Ran by qualified Gymnastics coach Brendan O'Brien
*** Ran by parent volunteer Richie Wilde