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We aim to develop a positive and independent approach to mathematics so that maths is fun. Mathematics involves much more than simply doing sums, although basic skills in arithmetic are essential. Mathematics involves investigative work, problem solving, word problems and many direct practical experiences to develop understanding. Effective use of ICT assists learning for all children. In line with the National Numeracy Strategy, the emphasis in learning mathematics (certainly through to year 3) is upon mental work and encouraging children to work through their own strategies and recording their work informally. By regularly explaining their reasoning and listening to the way in which other children have tackled the same problem, each child is able to modify their strategies in the light of their experience. As they move into Year 4 the children are also introduced to more formal methods of recording calculations.

Planning is based upon the learning objectives in the National Numeracy Strategy and each childs progress in achieving the key objectives is regularly assessed and this information is used to inform our planning.