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Enhanced Healthy Schools Status

Enhanced Healthy Schools Model
The Enhanced Healthy Schools Model builds upon existing Healthy School Status and delivers measurable improvements in the health and well-being of children and young people. It is expected that schools will want to move beyond the Annual Review and strive to continually improve outcomes for their children and young people. The Enhanced Model provides the tools to do this.

Schools submit the following information to Local Healthy Schools Quality Assurance Group
  • Health Well Being Development Group membership list
  • Data considered as part of needs analysis
  • Priority area
  • A statement to describe what data/information has informed the selection of the priority.
  • 3 outcomes chosen as a result of data analysis
  • Action Plan

Recognition: Certificate to acknowledge engagement with Enhanced Healthy Schools and use of Enhanced Healthy Schools logo

The local Healthy Schools Programme will support each school to develop and implement their action plan.
The schools Health Well Being Development Group will meet once/term to monitor action plan and outcome progress. (Local Healthy School Programme representatives can form part of a school Health Well Being Development Group)

Outcomes achieved

Recognition: showcasing/networking events organised by Local Healthy Schools Programme, celebrating success through Healthy School newsletters and website. In addition, each school can choose to celebrate their own success.