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Where is it?

On Normanby Road, adjacent to King Georges Square next to The Settlement. The development area takes in the Youth Centre on Upper Jackson St, which is being demolished, and the former Oak Street.

Why are we doing it?

We have been carrying out a demolition programme in South Bank since 2005. During the Love It Hate It consultation, and through our discussions with the community, it is clear that residents want to see some new housing build in South Bank in order to offer the choice that is lacking in the town.

Who has been involved?

The Council, residents, housing developers, the Homes and Communities Agency, Tees Valley Living and Redcar and Cleveland Partnership.

What is an Eco Village?

A housing development with high sustainability principles.

What are its environmental credentials?

We have created 4 new houses at Code 6 for Sustainable Homes and 11 at Code 4 for Sustainable Homes. (Code for Sustainable Homes is used by the government to measure the sustainability of new housing).

The Code 6 homeshave:
  • Super insulated envelope high quality, effective insulation.
  • Triple glazed windows and doors.
  • Low flush toilet uses less water
  • Low volume bath uses less water
  • Composting facilities
  • Photovoltaics converts solar energy in to electrical power.
  • Solar panels
  • Mechanical Heat Recovery System - provides fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing the heating (or cooling) requirements.

Fuel bills on Code 6 home can be around £1,000 less than on a normal 3- bedroomed house.

The code 4 homes will have:
  • Super insulation
  • Double glazed windows and doors
  • Photovoltatic
  • Solar panels

What about the refurbished terraces?

The terrace has been refurbished with high sustainability systems, double-glazing etc. There are reductions in CO2 emissions in excess of 75% and fuel bills can be reduced by up to 75%.

Who is paying for this scheme?

The scheme is paid for through:

£740k will be funded through our Capital programme
£936k will be funded through the Homes and Communities Agency
£650k will be funded through Growth Point Funding
Gentoo will be investing around £1.3m in the scheme

Who will want to live here?

We hope that a wide variety of people will be attracted to the scheme. From people already living in South Bank to people who may have moved away from South Bank due to the lack of housing choice and want to move back, and others who like the high design quality and the schemes Eco credentials.

Who are Gentoo?

Formerly the Sunderland Housing Group, Gentoo are the foremost Registered Social Landlord in the Sunderland area.

Gentoo Homes is Gentoo Groups new-build homes division, designed to provide properties and neighbourhoods which will become the desirable locations of the future.

Why didnt we use a local RSL for this scheme?

The scheme went out to the market and was open to all housing developers to put in a bid to develop the scheme. Some local RSLs did show interest in the scheme but Gentoos bid was the strongest.

Why didnt you knock down the terrace?

The Queen Street terrace was originally up for demolition. However, during the Love It Hate It consultation, residents told us they were tired of the constant demolition and wanted to see the heart of the town retained and enhanced. The terrace will be a pilot scheme to see how we can make a terraced house sustainable and attractive to live in.

Why havent you built more homes?

The homes need gap funding to be built the more we build the more funding we need to build them. We would like to build more in the future. We also need to see how attractive the homes are to the market before we think about building on a larger scale.

The rest of the area looks a mess what are you doing about it?

We are trying to complete environmental improvements particularly around the Eco Village site. We are working on The Great Street, which aims to create better landscaping on Normanby Road and improve shop fronts in the area. We are also working with the community painting back alleyways and have part funded 2 impact workers along with South Bank Tomorrow to carry out works.

How can I sign up for a property?

You can leave your details with us and/or speak to one of the Gentoo staff.

How much will this scheme cost?

Around £3.5m we are still refining the costs of the scheme.

Why are you building now?

We went through a period of planning and consultation and have been working on developing the Eco Village since March 2009. We now have cleared space at the entrance to South Bank, which is a great location to start new build. We have also nearly completed the demolition programme and are starting to create the right atmosphere for new homes.

What will happen to King Georges Square?

This will always be a key public space in South Bank. We are working with the community and Gillespies to create a plan for an improved memorial area.

How will you stop bad tenants living here?

The Council will have nomination rights both on initial and subsequent lettings on the social rented units but not the shared ownership/intermediate rent units, as we do not hold a housing register for those seeking such tenures.
We can ensure that residents from a defined regeneration area have priority for the scheme.

What if private landlords buy the properties?

We are working with Gentoo to look at mechanisms to ensure that the homes for sale are for people who will be living in the homes not for private investment.

Where do I park my car?

There are car parking spaces for 2 cars on each of the new build properties and 1 space for the terrace.

What will happen to The Settlement/Methodist Church Hall buildings?

Work has been completed on The Settlement Building to re-commission the ground floor. This will be used by Youth Services until Golden Boy Green is refurbished.

We are carrying out feasibility work in order to understand what we can do with the buildings. We have looked at a variety of possible uses including, creative or green workspace.

Why are you knocking down the Youth and Community Centre?

We originally tried to design a scheme with the Youth and Community Centre in place however we were able to design a much better scheme with it removed. We talked to the users about moving into a refurbished Golden Boy Green and this was agreed.

What about the properties on Redcar Road East?

There are 6 empty properties on Redcar Road East opposite the Eco Village. Accent own 5 of the properties and we own the other. We would like to demolish these units and are working with Accent to accomplish this.

What will happen to the shops on Normanby Road?

As you will see at the exhibition we have plans to improve Normanby Road, particularly around the Eco Village site. This includes shop front improvements/signage/shutters/painting etc) and landscaping.

What will happen to the commercial properties on South Terrace?

These will remain and there will be a substantial screen in place opposite the refurbished terrace. We would like to access funds in the future to help the shop owners improve their premises.

What will happen to 89 Normanby Road?

This is in a poor condition and we are talking to the owner about improvements.

Could this money be spent on other things?

The money secure on this scheme is specifically for the Eco Village scheme and can only be spent on this development.


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