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A New Perspective Delivery Plan

Greater Eston is an important part of Redcar and Cleveland. Where else can you find a world-class economic powerhouse and outstanding natural landscapes?

Action and investment in Greater Eston is essential. By tackling the area's challenging problems Greater Eston has the potential to reinvent itself as an amazing 21st century community.

For many years parts of Greater Eston, particularly South Bank and Grangetown, have been in decline. This Plan is all about growth, delivering new homes, fantastic places, jobs, training and opportunities for the area and building on the investment that has taken place already an education, healthcare and in the industry at South Tees.

The proposal is to initially focus investment in the northern part of Greater Eston; in South Bank, Grangetown and Low Grange where it is needed most. But there will also be investment in the heart of the communities in shopping areas, streets, open spaces, and, importantly, people.

Millions of pounds have already been invested in demolishing obsolete houses and building new schools. This investment will continue by refurbishing and redeveloping some of Greater Eston's tired shopping parades, building new, modern eco homes and creating a new Urban Village at Low Grange

The Great Park will also be developed at the centre of Greater Eston - providing a community resource and a focal point for recreation and leisure activities. From the Park you will be able to cycle or walk throughout the area through a series of high quality landscaped corridors lined with public art and new boulevards will provide wide, lush green vistas.

Developments will use local labour and suppliers and the provision of training opportunities through the construction process will be created.

These proposals will be vital in the process of establishing a successful mixed-use urban quarter here businesses and residents can live and work together to provide a vibrant, prosperous, safe, clean and green community.

There is a need to ensure that new and existing communities are sustainable. One of the ways to help achieve this is through Neighbourhood Management. Neighbourhood Management tackles quality of life issues, usually around six key target areas of crime and community safety, education, environmental quality, health, housing, jobs and training. It aims to change the way mainstream services are delivered and involves communities and local agencies working together to improve services at a neighbourhood level.

This revitalised area will represent the best of conservation and contemporary design. Overall, Greater Eston will be attractive and memorable.

A New Perspective
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